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A Gallup poll in 2015 found that exercise habits in Americans were at their highest in seven years. While data from fitness tracker apps like MyFitnessPal and MapMyFitness, let us know that residents of California, Colorado and Washington were among the most active. More exercising Americans means a better overall population health and an increased need for more gyms and fitness centers.


In this blog post we'll be discussing how to calculate operating costs associated with opening a gym or fitness center and how Buy and Sell Fitness can help you save up to 70% on fitness equipment purchases.


To calculate the operating costs associated with opening a gym, create a business plan. This will help you think about the future of your business with a consistent vision, clearly defining what your business goals are and how you will achieve them. Remember, it is important to make sure your business fits your budget.


Here are a few common expenses you should think about: location, business insurance, tenant improvements, employee salaries, electricity, permits and miscellaneous office supplies. You should also ask yourself, what kind of services will my gym or fitness center provide?


Determining a location is important. After you find an area that meets your budget needs, whether you buy or lease, consider that there is a good chance you will have to make improvements to that space. Whether its rubber flooring, installing showers or a steam room make sure to factor these expenses into your business plan. This gym owner suggests you make sure that you have enough capital to cover your first six months in business


Will you offer classes like yoga, Zumba or spinning? Will you focus on strength training and conditioning? Knowing what kind of services you will provide will determine what kind of fitness equipment you will need.


Here's how BUY AND SELL FITNESS can help: A set of new fitness equipment can cost, on average, about $175,000 or more. At Buy and Sell Fitness we help our customers save up to 70% on all fitness equipment purchases. We ship anywhere in the United States AND worldwide. Don't worry, we assist each customer with all freight, customs and logistics needs. Have a color scheme and design in mind? We customize color. We also offer complimentary 3D gym layouts via ECDesign. All of our equipment is of high quality, used and refurbished. It is also fully tested before it reaches, you, the customer. Can't make it out to our warehouse to see it in person? We'll send you high definition photographs and video of your purchase before it ships out. At Buy and Sell Fitness we strive to be the BEST provider of refurbished fitness equipment in the world. View testimonials and reviews from satisfied customers and recent job projects here.

Gym packages currently for sale can be seen here.


If you are opening a gym or fitness center, remember to keep Buy and Sell Fitness in mind for all of your fitness equipment needs. The money you save on fitness equipment can be used for other expenses. We will work with any budget and we will help you every step of the way.




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