Why Fitness Equipment will be the Hottest Item Christmas 2020

Why Fitness Equipment will be the Hottest Item Christmas 2020

After the first wave of the pandemic, many gyms are still closed, and some will never reopen. For many of the gyms that have opened, increased safety and sanitation measures mean small class sizes and no guarantee of booking your coveted class spot. As we gear up for fall many precautions are being amped back up, and that means more social distancing and fewer gym attendance possibilities. With all of these measures being maintained or amped back up, having home gym equipment is more important than ever.


Several U.S. companies are working from home until 2021, and it is predicted that many companies will not go back once the pandemic ends and safety restrictions are lifted. When working from home, home fitness equipment makes it easy to squeeze in a workout during lunch, or right after the work day ends. The time saved by not needing to commute makes room for those who did not previously workout to make it a priority. For parents, many employees have found working from home to be a great way to spend more time with their families as well which means that many will continue to work at least partially from home in the future.


Many people like the luxury of structuring the day how they want and with a remote work environment they can do that. Others are sleeping more now that they don’t have the long work commutes that they previously had. With everyone radically re-thinking how we live and work this can mean increased time and energy to devote to achieving fitness goals. There is no better way to do that than with a fully furnished home gym.


There is a huge demand for fitness equipment for the home, so much so that many companies are backordered. Snagging a piece of stellar gym equipment is something not everyone can do, so it will be prized. Gym equipment in the home guarantees that whatever comes next, it won’t get in the way of your workout goals.


During the pandemic there were massive supply shortages in gym equipment- all the way to the raw materials, many of which come from China. Stores have been cleared out, and everyone is having difficulty keeping up with the demand. Some fitness companies are even sold out through the end of the year with this unprecedented demand for equipment.


When the equipment does get manufactured, many gym equipment brands expect to be sold out as soon as their new shipments hit the stores. As markets move towards a predicted second wave, it is likely that the demand for fitness equipment for the home will only increase. So this is a great time to invest in a gift that the recipient may literally be unable to buy anywhere else.


When gyms do re-open, they face the higher costs associated with disinfecting the gym and equipment. This could lead to a higher cost in gym memberships. Many Americans are discovering that they prefer their at-home option to the gym memberships that they held previously. In some places where gym openings are allowed, they are restricted to 25% and 50% capacity to stop the virus spread.


With all of these new precautions and restrictions, it is an extremely good idea to invest in your home gym now more than ever before. There is no better gift this holiday season than to give your loved one a gift that goes towards their fitness goals and adds to their home gym or fitness center. Home gyms are a valuable investment and are not easy to furnish upfront. Providing those that you care about with fitness equipment ensures that you give them something that they really need and something that they will use for many years to come.


With some basic pieces of cardio and strength equipment you can contribute to your loved one’s garage gym or home fitness center and give them a gift that keeps on giving. Home gym equipment ensures that no matter what happens it doesn’t get in the way of staying healthy and fit. It also gives the recipient the gift of the extra time that they save when they can workout at home and don’t have to commute to get in a workout session.


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