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Olympic Bars

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Olympic Bars are more adaptable than traditional bars, more stable, and can hold more weight. They are used as a weight lifting option where the bars do not bend over time, and thus do not complicate lifts. Olympic bars are more adaptable than traditional steel weights and bars, as they have reduced torque. The ends of Olympic bars have revolving ends that roll independently of the bar. This reduces the torque during specific lifts where the weights are prone to spinning. Olympic bars often include grip plates which are convenient built in handles to prevent sliding. Olympic bars come in a variety of options for Power Lifters, Olympic Lifting, and even different knurling patterns for different exercises.


Olympic bars are one and 31/32 inches (50mm) in diameter, and only take Olympic Plates, which have a 2” diameter hole. The center portion of an Olympic bar can range from 28mm to 32mm or one and a quarter inches. There are also specially made one-inch (25mm) bars made for women.


The quality of the steel used in Olympic bars allows them to maintain their shape longer. Tensile and yield strengths fluctuate with manufacturing. Tensile strength is the amount of pressure necessary to pull the steel apart if you pulled the weightlifting bar outward from each sleeve. Workout bars above 180,000 PSI tensile strength begin to loose elasticity and become very stiff. The higher the tensile strength, the less likely the Olympic bar will bend permanently from the weights. Olympic lifters like a bar with good elasticity (whip) during lifting, whereas powerlifters prefer stiffer workout bars.


Olympic bars use brushing or needle bearings to allow the sleeves to spin freely form the bar shaft, which is necessary in Olympic lifting. Brushings provide adequate rotation with little maintenance. Weightlifting bars featuring needle bearing, exhibit superior sleeve rotation to that of bars with bushings. The needle bearing provides a common rpm sleeve that is commonly found in competition Olympic bars.


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