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Why you should build your own home gym in 2023!

Why you should build your own home gym in 2023!

There are many reasons to build your own home gym in 2023 (ok yes we are a little bit biased) and we wanted to highlight the top 10 reasons we thing this could be one of the best decisions you make for yourself this year!
buy a home gym in 2023
  1. Convenience: A home gym allows you to work out whenever you want, without the need to travel to a gym or fitness center. This can be especially convenient if you live in an area with limited options for fitness facilities, or if you have a busy schedule that makes it difficult to find time to go to the gym.

  2. Cost savings: Building a home gym can be more cost-effective in the long run than paying for a gym membership or personal training sessions.

  3. Customization: With a home gym, you can choose the equipment and layout that works best for you, rather than being limited to what is available at a commercial gym.

  4. Privacy: Some people may prefer the privacy and comfort of working out in their own space, rather than in a crowded gym setting.

  5. Safety: In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, having a home gym can provide an additional layer of safety by reducing the need to go out and potentially expose yourself to the virus.

  6. Increased motivation: When you have a home gym, you may be more motivated to work out because it is more convenient and you don't have to worry about traveling to a gym or waiting for equipment to become available.

  7. Improved consistency: It can be easier to maintain a consistent workout routine when you have a home gym, as you don't have to worry about gym hours or availability of equipment.

  8. Better control over your environment: With a home gym, you can control the temperature, lighting, and music to create an environment that is optimal for your workouts.

  9. Ability to tailor your workouts to your specific goals: With a home gym, you can choose the equipment and exercises that are most suitable for your specific fitness goals, rather than being limited to what is available at a commercial gym.

  10. Opportunity to try new workouts: Building a home gym allows you to experiment with new workouts and equipment that may not be available at a commercial gym, giving you the opportunity to try new things and potentially discover new interests in fitness.

10 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution in 2022

10 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution in 2022

It’s easy to make fitness resolutions the first week of January only to drop them by the second week. There is a way to make lasting changes to your body and your life but it takes dedication and determination. Here are ten ways to make sure that you keep your end goal in mind and don’t give up on your New Year’s resolutions in the year 2022.


 1) Make it a Routine

 The best way to make something a habit is to begin doing it consistently no matter what. As you commit to that habit and building it, add in more days or extend each workout. Over time you’ll find yourself reaching your long desired goals almost without realizing what’s happening.

 Planning for 2022

 2) Set a Location

Without a clear setting for your workout in mind, it is easy to put your workouts. To start small, it’s helpful to start in a corner of your garage or home with a couple of dumbbells with some jogging or jump rope as cardio. Once you get into the routine it’s the perfect time to invest in a gym membership or build a home gym for more options and variety in your workout routine.

 Arrow on sidewalk pointing to the gym

 3) Get an Accountability Buddy

Gold medal Olympians have professional coaches to push them and keep them in check. It doesn’t take a professional however to keep you set on reaching your fitness goals. Find a friend who is willing to check in on you and hold you accountable to reach them and you can keep them on track for their personal or professional goals in their life.

 Friends working out together doing situps

 4) Cut Out the Distractions

 You want your workout time to be as clear of distractions as possible so you can focus on accomplishing your goals and gauge when to push yourself and when your body needs to take it just a little bit slower. Stay off of your phone and keep notifications turned off or kept to a minimum. 

 Fist with the word 'Focus' written on it.

 5) Celebrate Milestones

Give yourself rewards after each month of successful gym wins. Taking the time to celebrate milestones keeps the positive mindset that you need to continue to progress. Each time you reach a new minor goal it also instills in you the confidence that you need to reach the major goals you’re working towards.

 Man celebrating with two clenched fists.

 6) Change it Up

 After hitting your main goals and upping your workout times and days, add in some fun elements to keep yourself engaged in working out and to keep it fun. Change it up and do a beach workout or add in trying a new sport activity one day a week. Not only is this a great opportunity to cross-train, it is also keeps things fun and interesting and may even inspire some new exercises for your daily routine.

 basketball court

 7) Keep Up Morale

During these times it is important not to get discouraged or disheartened but to set mental guides in place to hold onto when the going gets tough. One of the best ways to combat discouragement is thankfulness. Before or after your gym time think through the many things in your life that you have to be thankful for and allow these things to carry you through on the mornings when there seem to be a lot of reasons not to follow through.

 Man standing on a hilltop with hands raised to the sky

 8) Progress not Perfection

Rather than beating yourself up when you feel like you’re not measuring up, it’s far more motivating to appreciate what you did accomplish and strive to do better the next time. Don’t get hung up on what you are unable to do, but focus on what you can do and aim to do the best at that.

 Hand clenched lifting a barbell

 9) Keep a Record

Keeping a journal is a practical way to see your progress and how you’re gaining strength and endurance over time. It Is also a great way to see what is and isn’t working for your body type and lifestyle and adjust your training accordingly. Keep track of your workouts this way and at the end of 2022 this kind of journal can be an excellent motivator for the next year.

 view from above of a man taking notes next to his laptop

 10) Find Others to Motivate

As you succeed in your fitness goals in 2022 take some time to encourage someone around you in their goals, fitness or otherwise. As you encourage others following your own success with your goals it will further solidify your drive and be a good reminder of what you have accomplished to be able to accomplish your next goal in the future.

Two men fist bumping over a barbell

 Using these 10 strategies you can make sure that you make lasting New Year’s resolutions that don’t just change your January, but change your life. Remember after starting, the next best step is consistency. With these 10 things in mind you can stay consistent to continue making progress in your fitness journey and your life.


For your first set of dumbbells to get started check out BuyAndSellFitness.com 

Home Gyms Aren't Going Anywhere

Home Gyms Aren't Going Anywhere

Consumers are opting to workout out at home in addition to having a gym membership. It isn't an either / or - its both!

In 2021 people are keeping both a gym membership and maintaining a home gym. Gone are the days of buying a home gym to replace a gym membership or relying on a gym membership to be ones sole resource for gym equipment. In 2021, people want options. The desire for socialization will bring people back to the gym. The convenience of not needing to leave the home to get in a good workout in will keep the home gym market thriving.


A good gym membership provides perks such as tennis courts, swimming pools, basketball courts, and other facilities not everyone has on their own properties. These facilities are also social and provide others to play these sports with. These kind of amenities and social atmosphere are reason enough for people to opt to keep their gym membership while building up a fully-functional home gym for workouts on the fly.


A legacy of the pandemic is that many people continue to opt to work from home. Those who started working remotely in 2020 see the value of having a home gym when they can’t make it to the gym. It’s much easier to squeeze in a lunch-time gym session when no commute time is required.  Many people also work late hours and it’s much easier to head back to a home gym to get in a workout all hours of the night than it is to work with the limited hours of gyms in the wake of the pandemic. While many gyms have resumed business as usual, many maintain the shorter hours adapted during the pandemic. This is understandable in light of the financial impact that shutting down has had on fitness facilities, but is another factor that leads those with the resources to do so investing in gym equipment for their homes.


Avid gym goers who invest in a home gym are not looking for the kind of equipment you find for the lowest prices on Amazon. Those who are accustomed to the gym environment expect the same caliber equipment for their home gyms. This makes sense as an investment. If you’re looking to save money in the long-run by purchasing gym equipment for your home, purchasing commercial equipment is the way to go. Commercial gym equipment is made to last in a commercial setting, and with the use of only one household daily you can expect these pieces to last even longer.


Purchasing used commercial gym equipment allows home gym owners to build out the home gym of their dreams without the same investment as buying everything brand new. As a gym equipment re-seller we often have gym equipment pieces with little-to-no wear at a discount. These pieces were once in a premiere hotel gym where they received little use. Or, they were a part of someone’s home gym that did not get the kind of use the owner had originally hoped for. These pieces are the same high quality commercial pieces that home gym owners want, but at a fraction of the cost. This allows for the home gym budget to go further.


Another legacy of 2020 is the understanding of the importance of self-care so keeping the body in shape is still top of mind. Without social events and workplace happenings as distractions during the pandemic, people were able to focus on caring for their mental and physical health through working out. This is another positive change that we’ve seen from the pandemic and something that looks to continue as everyone moves back into their normal routines. Prioritizing their health, many people invested in home gym equipment to ensure that they spend quality time working out.


So, as gyms re-open, home gyms will continue to be in high demand. Home gyms will continue to be an asset for those who choose to go back to the gym, and for those who choose not to. If you’re looking to build your home gym in 2021, contact Buy and Sell Fitness. We’ve been building gyms since 2011 and have the experience and know-how to build your home gym efficiently and make the most of the space that you have available.

Why Fitness Equipment will be the Hottest Item Christmas 2020

Why Fitness Equipment will be the Hottest Item Christmas 2020

After the first wave of the pandemic, many gyms are still closed, and some will never reopen. For many of the gyms that have opened, increased safety and sanitation measures mean small class sizes and no guarantee of booking your coveted class spot. As we gear up for fall many precautions are being amped back up, and that means more social distancing and fewer gym attendance possibilities. With all of these measures being maintained or amped back up, having home gym equipment is more important than ever.


Several U.S. companies are working from home until 2021, and it is predicted that many companies will not go back once the pandemic ends and safety restrictions are lifted. When working from home, home fitness equipment makes it easy to squeeze in a workout during lunch, or right after the work day ends. The time saved by not needing to commute makes room for those who did not previously workout to make it a priority. For parents, many employees have found working from home to be a great way to spend more time with their families as well which means that many will continue to work at least partially from home in the future.


Many people like the luxury of structuring the day how they want and with a remote work environment they can do that. Others are sleeping more now that they don’t have the long work commutes that they previously had. With everyone radically re-thinking how we live and work this can mean increased time and energy to devote to achieving fitness goals. There is no better way to do that than with a fully furnished home gym.


There is a huge demand for fitness equipment for the home, so much so that many companies are backordered. Snagging a piece of stellar gym equipment is something not everyone can do, so it will be prized. Gym equipment in the home guarantees that whatever comes next, it won’t get in the way of your workout goals.


During the pandemic there were massive supply shortages in gym equipment- all the way to the raw materials, many of which come from China. Stores have been cleared out, and everyone is having difficulty keeping up with the demand. Some fitness companies are even sold out through the end of the year with this unprecedented demand for equipment.


When the equipment does get manufactured, many gym equipment brands expect to be sold out as soon as their new shipments hit the stores. As markets move towards a predicted second wave, it is likely that the demand for fitness equipment for the home will only increase. So this is a great time to invest in a gift that the recipient may literally be unable to buy anywhere else.


When gyms do re-open, they face the higher costs associated with disinfecting the gym and equipment. This could lead to a higher cost in gym memberships. Many Americans are discovering that they prefer their at-home option to the gym memberships that they held previously. In some places where gym openings are allowed, they are restricted to 25% and 50% capacity to stop the virus spread.


With all of these new precautions and restrictions, it is an extremely good idea to invest in your home gym now more than ever before. There is no better gift this holiday season than to give your loved one a gift that goes towards their fitness goals and adds to their home gym or fitness center. Home gyms are a valuable investment and are not easy to furnish upfront. Providing those that you care about with fitness equipment ensures that you give them something that they really need and something that they will use for many years to come.


With some basic pieces of cardio and strength equipment you can contribute to your loved one’s garage gym or home fitness center and give them a gift that keeps on giving. Home gym equipment ensures that no matter what happens it doesn’t get in the way of staying healthy and fit. It also gives the recipient the gift of the extra time that they save when they can workout at home and don’t have to commute to get in a workout session.


Check out our selection of new and used gym equipment here at Buy and Sell Fitness to get great gym equipment at a great price for your loved ones this Christmas. Barbells and Kettlebells are a great item to see under the tree in 2020.

The Benefits of Training Outside Using Gym Equipment

The Benefits of Training Outside Using Gym Equipment



The benefits of training outside are immeasurable and you don’t have to ditch your gym equipment and stick to bodyweight movements to reap the benefits of training in the great outdoors.


With many gyms still closed or at a limited capacity, if you don’t have a home gym, this is a great option to keep your workouts going strong until things get back to normal. It is also a great addition to training in your home gym if you’re looking to switch up your workouts and experience the difference that outdoor training can make.


Higher Performance and Boosted Mood


Getting in your physical activity outdoors is shown to lower blood pressure and reduce stress, it feels less strenuous than similar exercise indoors so you can achieve a higher level of performance. It also reduces mental fatigue and is a mood-booster. The sunshine not only enhances your body’s vitamin D production, it also means that you don’t have the fluorescent lighting of the gym that can make the gym environment feel like work.


Workout on Your Own Time


Similar to a home gym, you can access the outdoors whenever you want, so it gives you a lot more flexibility than you would have with a gym membership. There is no traffic or crowded locker room involved in getting outdoors for your fitness regimen. It can also be totally free. Local parks, stairs, basketball courts, and the beach are all outdoors and can be free or inexpensive but make for excellent workout spaces.


More Fun and Creativity


Training outside instead of indoors can also be a lot more fun and get your creative juices flowing. You can adapt your workout to your environment. If you have an incline, you can use it with kettlebell carries for a more intense lower body workout. Sand can give you extra resistance with your dumbbell lunges.


Health Benefits


The benefits to opting for fresh-air workouts go beyond the enhanced energy generation in the muscles and oxidation of the tissues from sunshine. Working out outside also helps with insomnia and the fresh air and outdoor movement helps you sleep better. And while variable weather conditions can be seen as a disadvantage, overcoming that discomfort brings rewards. Studies show that getting cold and uncomfortable can boost your metabolism, boost your mood, and improve your immune system. Not to mention, while you literally get dirty doing your workouts outside, you avoid all the bacteria and microbial buildup that inevitably is present in gym environments.


Social Perks


By switching up your workouts and taking them outside, you have more opportunities to train with friends and family that might hold memberships at other gyms. Being outdoors can loosen some of the competitiveness of the gym environment and remind people that all levels of fitness are welcome at the park. It also gives you the opportunity to be out in your community and connect with people nearby. While initially you can draw some extra attention if you pick the local park to work on your kettlebell swings, it can be a good way to practice not caring what anyone thinks of you and maybe you can inspire the onlookers with your dedication to your sport.


How to Take your Equipment Outside


The types of workouts that you can do outdoors are by no means limited to body-weight workouts and can be a good way to switch up your workouts. Typically, outdoor workouts have movements that are less guided and thus improve coordination and require a wider range of motion. This is great for flexibility and mobility.


Kettlebell carries, swings, goblet squats, snatches, and American and Russian cleans can all be easily incorporated into an outdoor training session. Sleds can also be a great piece of equipment to utilize in an outdoor workout and give your spine some relief. Because they are non-load bearing on the spine, sleds can make for an awesome outdoor workout for your core. With this movement you aren’t loading a barbell on your back, so it leaves you less at risk for spine injury. Just like sleds, battle ropes can be used more comfortably outdoors with the unlimited space restrictions.


Olympic bars can also be taken outdoors to change things up and enhance outdoor training. Overhead carries and Zercher carries are great Olympic bar movements to incorporate. But you don’t have to limit your plate training outdoors, clean and jerks, power cleans, hang power cleans, hand power snatches,  snatches, front squats and overhead squats can all be incorporated in outdoor workouts for the added benefit of the fresh air and outdoor environment.


As you are planning to take some of your workouts outside, check out our selection of new and used kettlebells, dumbbells, bumper plates and Olympic bars here at Buy and Sell Fitness. We bring our knowledge and experience in providing home gym equipment so that you achieve results at any budget.


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Does too much cardio deplete your muscle mass?

Does too much cardio deplete your muscle mass?

Does Too Much Cardio Burn Muscle?

does too much cardio burn muscle

There is a huge debate around this question. Cardio can either help or burn the muscle depending on your training. But the real fact is that it actually helps more than it burns. It is not just the cardio that you do but it’s also on your diet as well. If you do a lot of cardio and do a strict diet the body will eat the muscle as a source of energy. If the body doesn’t receive the proper protein and calorie intake it will eat it self. With a good routine of cardio it can even help the muscle to grow.


In an article written on Scooby’s Workshop there are three ways cardio helps the muscle:

So cardio doesn’t burn muscle, but how might it help you GAIN muscle? – Let’s look at THREE ways:

DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) is a common result of intense workouts and doing 20-30min of daily cardio increases circulation and the increased nutrient flow by the muscle helps the muscles rebuild faster.

Not every workout plan has 5 minutes rest between sets, images (2)some workouts you will need to do to build mass are very taxing to your cardiovascular system. If you don’t constantly work to keep your cardiovascular system running at peak performance there are workouts you just won’t be able to do with sufficient intensity to gain mass.

There are intense weight workouts that double as cardio workouts and these go by several names – hybrid workouts, complexes, etc – and they all have one thing in common, they take compound weightlifting exercises and do them repeatedly for cardio – often as intervals. These hybrid workouts can build muscle and give you a cardio workout at the same time!¹

How much Cardio is Too Much Cardio?

When you over train your body not only will you lose muscle mass but strength as well. When you train to a point of exhaustion any training done to the body won’t work since the body is too busy trying to recover. So at the end Cardio is not the enemy for muscle gain but the lack of nutrition and recovery.
images (4)



Which Cardio Machine Should You Use: Benefits, Advantages, and Disadvantages of Using Different Cardio Machines

Cardio workouts lead to reduced stress, healthier heart and lungs, improved muscle density and decreased risk of some types of cancer and heart disease. In addition, doing cardio exercise can lead to an increase in muscle size when implemented alongside weight training. With so many cardio machine options, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here, we break down the major types of cardio equipment and the benefits to help you find the right one for your needs and fitness goals.



Treadmills are the bread and butter of cardio machines. They are a simple moving platform with an adjustable speed and incline for limitless training options. They can be used for low-intensity or high-intensity cardio workouts. Users of all skill levels, ages, and sizes can build endurance, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular health by training on a treadmill.


Treadmills are effective for all types of cardio and conditioning, from walking and jogging, to high intensity interval training. Treadmills are a great option if you are training for a race, or trying to lose weight. For those seeking to lose weight, treadmills are an effective option because they are weight-bearing, meaning that you bear the whole weight of your body while using them, and thus can burn more calories during your workout.


While using the treadmill keep in mind not to run too close to the consul, and that it is better not to look up at a TV while using the machine. Looking up to watch a screen while using a  treadmill can hurt your neck, and harm your running form.



Ellipticals are a great cardio machine option for beginners. These cardio machines are low-impact and easy to navigate. Simply step onto the large pedals, start moving, and you’re ready to go.


Similarly to treadmills, ellipticals have an adjustable resistance to offer more options for your workout. Increase the resistance to push yourself more, or use a lower resistance when first starting out to get acquainted with the movement. Start Moderately and increase your resistance and incline later as you build endurance.


Ellipticals are easy to use for beginners and they are easier on the hips and knees than treadmills are. They are good if you struggle with balance and can be a fantastic option if you are recovering from an injury for an effective low-impact workout.


While using an Elliptical it is important to maintain proper form. Keep your back straightened, abs tucked, and pelvis forward.



Also called stair climbers, moving stairs or stair machines. These cardio machines give you the impact of the stair climbing that you would typically do on bleachers, or real stairs. As with ellipticals, these are great for beginners. At a low-intensity they also offer a much higher caloric burn than you would get on a treadmill at the same pace.


StairMasters are a great option for a low-impact cardio workout that increases stamina. StairMasters engage all the major muscle groups of the lower body- glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. They are great for toning, excellent strength builders, and great for building endurance in your legs.


While training on a stair-master keep in mind that you don’t want to keep your body completely straight. Because of the movement of a StairMaster it is normal to have a slight lean and you don’t want to overcompensate for this, which could add strain to your neck and back. Also remember that the handrails are for balance, not to support your body. Don’t cheat. If you need to slow it down a notch when first starting out, do that.


Spin Bikes

Also referred to as stationary bikes, or indoor cycle machines. These machines offer a seat, pedals, handles, and a consul. Just like riding a bike, you start by adjusting your machine to your height. Next, strap your feet into the foot straps, and adjust the consul to your specific workout needs.


While the energy demand from Spin bikes is not as high as running, as on a treadmill, they provide a calorie-burning heart pumping challenge and total body workout. They strengthen your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and hip flexors.


Spin bikes are not high impact, and they are easier on the joints than treadmills. They are a great option if you have a sore upper body, if you have back or lower body injuries, or if you want long duration endurance training.


Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes have the seat back, pedals out in front of the user, and consul directly ahead. recumbent Bikes are not weight-bearing so they can be easier to start out with. Similar to Spin bikes, these give pretty good all-around lower body strength boosting benefits during your cardio session.


Recumbent bikes work with hamstrings and quads evenly as compared to spin bikes, which focus exclusively on quads. However, recumbent bikes may offer less fat reduction when you train at a higher level. Sprint training is a less convenient option on recumbent bikes than it is on spin bikes.


Recumbent bikes are one of the lowest intensity cardio machines and thus a great option if you are looking to read or catch up on a football game while getting in your daily movement.



Rowers, also known as rowing machines, mimic the motion of rowing a boat. They consist of a sliding seat and handle on a retractable row cable. Your feet stay in place while you use most of your body to work the machine. Rowers have more muscular activation than many other gym machines.


Rowers are very versatile and can be used for aerobic training, anaerobic training, or muscle recovery. Rowers can also be a great option if you have less time, because you can get a solid workout in, in as little as 20 minutes. The higher your stroke rate, the more calories that you’ll burn on a rower. On the flip side, you can also use a rower for a low intensity workout as rowers have a low impact on joints. They can be a great option if you’re sore from yesterday’s workout.


While doing a total body workout, keep in mind that proper form is important on a rower to make the most of your training and to avoid any joint strain.


Arc Trainers

Arc Trainers mimic hiking and target the lower body. They look similar to an elliptical, but function differently. Arc Trainers only generate force during the weight bearing cycle of your stride, which makes them easier on the joints. Similarly to the elliptical, Arc trainers are also low-impact.


Arc trainers put minimal stress on the knee, ankle, hip and vertebrae, while burning more calories than the standard elliptical. Keep in mind with the arc trainers, that proper form is again important to prevent injuries and to maintain low joint impact.


Precor AMTs (Adaptive-Motion-Trainer)

Precor AMTs are highly adjustable cardio machines that can mimic the workout that you would have on a treadmill, elliptical, or stair climber. They also resemble the elliptical in their shape and size, but they change entirely based on the way you choose to step on them. Precor AMT changeable components include the speed, incline, resistance, step direction, step height, and step length.


By changing the length and depth of your stride on a Precor AMT you can adjust which muscles you want to work, and how. Precor AMTs have the potential to burn more calories than an elliptical because of the many different workout variations that they can be used for.


When using a Precor AMT it is important to make sure to engage the hips and glutes, NOT putting weight on your knees. It is also critical that you maintain good posture while training on the Precor AMT.


If you want to furnish your gym with the cardio machine best suited to your workout needs, check out our options here at Buy and Sell Fitness. Buying pre-owned equipment is a great way to save on your gym equipment and allow you to begin to furnish your own at-home gym or training space at a low cost without skimping on quality.

Comprehensive Free Weight Guide, Everything you Need to Know About Free Weights: Dumbbells, Olympic Plates, Kettlebells, Olympic Bars, and Bumper Plates

Comprehensive Free Weight Guide, Everything you Need to Know About Free Weights: Dumbbells, Olympic Plates, Kettlebells, Olympic Bars, and Bumper Plates

It can be daunting to approach the gym to weight train for the first time. You may be wondering, “How much weight should I use,” “How do I incorporate weights into my workouts,” Or “ What if I’m using free weights wrong?” Well do not worry, we are here to help. Here we will break down the different types of free weights. We will tell you what you will need to know when starting out training with free weights, which components you will need for an at-home gym, and we will include some basic free weight exercises to work out your lower body and some free weight training exercises that you can incorporate into a cross-fit workout.


There are many valuable qualities of training with free weights. They offer a limitless range of motion, allowing for easy movement. As free weights offer a full range of motion, using free weights develops muscle stabilization as the body must activate stabilizer muscles to help maintain balance while performing free weight training exercises.


Let’s break down the different types of Free Weights.



dumbbells for sale


Dumbbells are handheld free weights, with a handle and matching weight attached to both ends. They typically range from around one pound to 25 pounds.  They are cost effective, space effective, and many of the exercises you perform with dumbbells are close to bodyweight exercises, so they are a great way for beginners to weight train and to slowly build up to Barbells and heavier weight training. They are the best weights to start out with.


Dumbbells offer a great range of motion (ROM) and thus utilize more “stabilizer muscles” than barbells. With dumbbells the possibilities are pretty much endless. They can be added to bodyweight exercises to make them more difficult and to build strength. However, to build larger muscles, and to provide your muscles with a maximum overload option, you’ll want to consider Olympic Plates.


Olympic Plates

buy olympic plates online

Olympic Plates are the only plates used in competition. They are more adaptable than traditional steel plates. Training with Olympic plates often focuses on larger muscle groups and gives you the option of higher weights than you would have with dumbbells. Lifting with Olympic Plates is a great way to maximize strength and increase muscle size. Olympic Plates are primarily used with Olympic bars.


Olympic Bars

buy olympic bars online

Olympic Bars are more adaptable than traditional bars, more stable, and can hold more weight. They are used as a weight lifting option where the bars do not bend over time, and thus do not complicate lifts. Olympic bars are more adaptable than traditional steel weights and bars, as they have reduced torque. The ends of Olympic bars have revolving ends that roll independently of the bar. This reduces the torque during specific lifts where the weights are prone to spinning. Olympic bars often include grip plates which are convenient built in handles to prevent sliding.


Bumper Plates

buy bumper plates online

Bumper Plates are Olympic sized plates made of thick dense rubber. They allow the athlete to drop the loaded Olympic bar from an overhead position without the risk of damaging the lifting platform, the bar, or the plates themselves.


These plates are only needed for Olympic lifts, but can be used to reduce noise and vibration in deadlifts as well. They are softer for a home gym as they won’t smash through your foundation, or crack and chip if you accidentally drop them.



buy kettlebells online

Kettlebells are an excellent way to increase core strength and target muscles that dumbbells and barbells can’t reach. They consist of a bell, handle, and “horns”. They are harder to control than dumbbells, thus incorporating more core strength, stricter form, and more muscle activation.


Kettlebells encourage precision, because you can more easily tell when a part of the exercise is off. These pave the way to perform more advanced exercises properly. When you train with a kettlebell, your core has to work harder to stabilize the weight and this builds improved athleticism.


Kettlebells are easy to travel with as they won’t roll around your car. You only need a single kettlebell for a good workout, not a selection, so they are a great first addition to an at-home gym.


At-Home Gym Essentials

You don’t need a lot of space for an at-home gym. You can build one in your garage. The most important thing is to make sure that you have a solid concrete floor or to reinforce and cover the floor if it is wood. Here is a list of the at-home gym essentials that you need to cover the basics of your at-home workouts.

 buy home gym equipment

  1. Barbell and set of Bumper Weight Plates

Barbell and Olympic weight training is an earned right and should only be implemented after the athlete has a foundation of strength training from calisthenics, dumbbells, and kettlebells with proper movement and execution. That being said, they are a staple of any home gym as they build maximum strength and muscle size.

A good gym should start with a quality Olympic bar and set of bumper weights. If you have an interest in Olympic lifts down the road, it makes sense to go for the bumper weights. Even if your current workout doesn’t necessitate them, by investing in them now you can have that option down the road, and they aren’t much more expensive than steel plates.


  1. Pull-Up Bar

These take up little to no space. Pull-ups are one of the best upper body development exercises with few substitutions.


  1. Squat Rack

You cannot do many rep schemes without a way to hold your barbells off the ground to start and end your lifts. You also simply cannot move as much weight without it. Accessories can increase its utility to make the most of this more spacious home gym element.


  1. 1-2 Kettlebells

 You only need a single kettlebell for an entire workout, as opposed to a range of dumbbells, so this is a must for your at-home gym. If you’re just starting out you could work with just one kettlebell. If you’re looking for the comprehensive at-home gym experience, opt for two, one with a heavier weight for muscle building.


  1. A Sandbag

Grab a shell and fill it to 60 pounds for females, and 80 pounds for males. The best material for the ideal weight and bulk is to use a mix of sand and rubber mulch.


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Exercises with Free Weights to Work out Your Lower Body (Beginner-Advanced)

  1. Weighted Squats
  2. Weighted Reverse Lunges
  3. Weighted Stationary Lunges
  4. Weighted Side Lunges
  5. Toe Raise
  6. Weighted Hamstring Curl
  7. Weight Split Squat

Using Free Weights for CrossFit Workouts (Beginner-Advanced)

With Dumbbells

  1. Dumbbell thrusts
  2. Dumbbell walking lunges
  3. Dumbbell snatches
  4. Dumbbell Swings
  5. Dumbbell Deadlifts
  6. Single arm dumbbell snatches

With Kettlebells

  1. Kettlebell Swings
  2. Kettlebell rows
  3. Goblet Squat
  4. One arm overhead squat
  5. Turkish Get-up
Fitness & Mental Health: A Hand in Hand Combination

Fitness & Mental Health: A Hand in Hand Combination

fitness mental health

According to a study posted by the US National Library of Medicine (2006), exercise has many positive effects on our mental health including “reducing anxiety and depression, improving our mood, improving self-esteem and cognitive function.” In other words, the benefits of engaging in regular physical activity are not limited to the state of our physique; there are many added benefits to our mental health as well!
 Release the endorphins, serotonin and dopamine!
Simply put, endorphins are chemicals produced by our bodies that have the ability to make us feel good. In fact, endorphins are often called “the feel good” chemicals of the body. Endorphins are released when our bodies are stimulated by certain things or activities like food, pain or, you guessed it, exercise! They then produce a euphoria-like feeling resulting in happiness. Serotonin and dopamine are two other mood lifters increased by regular aerobic exercise. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that affects things like mood, sleep and memory. Dopamine affects your emotional responses and your ability to feel pleasure.
 Think better, learn better, judge better!
Executive Editor of Harvard Health Editor Heidi Godman writes about a study conducted at the University of British Columbia. Through this study, researchers found that regular aerobic exercise has the power to boost the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain in charge of verbal memory and learning. Godman describes how exercise can benefit the brain directly by “reducing insulin, inflammation, and stimulating the release of growth factors.” According to Godman, exercise indirectly benefits our mood, sleep, and the reduction of stress and anxiety. Studies have also shown that these benefits follow us into our later years, improving cognitive function well into old age.
 Self-esteem and that happy feeling
One of the side benefits of regular exercise is an increase in our self-esteem. Being able to regularly complete a routine allows us to feel accomplished. The longer you go on, the tougher the routine gets and the more you realize that you can do it. For some, attaining a different physique is a confidence booster while others might enjoy this plus the added knowledge that they have conquered a routine. This has a direct impact on self-esteem; there is an increase in self-esteem as fitness level and appearance improve. Aside from these benefits, exercise in a group can also play a role in our mental health by increasing social activity, which decreases feelings of isolation and increases a sense of togetherness and support. Aside from the happy feelings associated with the release of endorphins, we tend to feel happier when we are successfully meeting our goals, enjoying the company of others (in group exercise activities), and challenging ourselves.

Taking on a regular exercise routine has countless benefits: an improved appearance, a sense of accomplishment, a healthier self, better sleep at night, improved long term cognitive function, a better body image, the release of “feel good” chemicals and so much more. Time and again different studies point to exercise as one of the best things we can do for our health, both physical and mental.

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Is it cheaper and healthier to eat at home or dine out?

Is it cheaper and healthier to eat at home or dine out?

In this blog post, we will discuss the impact of fast food on your health, whether it is cheaper to eat healthy at home or eat fast food, and the easiest way to lose weight. At the end of this blog post, I hope to show you, the reader, how Buy and Sell Fitness can help you on your journey to improved health and lifestyle habits.

In 2015, the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that eating out, whether at a sit-down restaurant or drive-thru, lead to an “increased total energy, total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium intake.” When you are eating out rather than eating at home, you aren’t taking in as many nutritional benefits as you should.

Still not convinced? A study published in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives, found that the chemicals Phthalates and bisphenol A or BPA, found in most processed and packaged food, had a negative impact on human health. Don’t know what these chemicals, really, are? Hint: they are used to make plastic more flexible. The study found that the consumption of phthalates, commonly found in fast food, may be linked to hormonal imbalances and adverse reproductive outcomes in women.

Eating healthy means eliminating fast food. This can also be a helpful financial decision.

U.S. News lists dining out as one of the most common expenses that destroys our budgets. Eating out, it seems, costs more than eating at home. For those who say they don’t have enough time to cook or that buying healthy food is too expensive, here are some pointers.

A blog post on the website D’marge lists 6 ways to eat healthy on a budget. Buying food at farmer’s markets, purchasing versatile foods like quinoa that can be cooked in different ways and freezing food are all ways you can meet your budget.

Meal prep is also one of the most effective ways to cut costs. Prepare all your meals and snacks for the week, all at once. Not only will you save money but you will also save time! Prepping your meals is a great way to keep up consistently healthy eating habits.

And if your goal is to lose weight, introducing a fitness regime to your improved diet is the way to make it happen. You lose weight when you expend more calories than you intake. Adding cardio routines to your fitness routine can help boost your metabolism for up to 24 hours. Remember to add bursts of intense effort to your walks, whether you are on a treadmill or at the park.

Strength training will help you burn up extra calories before they turn into fat.

In conclusion, now you’ve seen how eating healthy at home is both the cheaper and healthier alternative to eating fast food. We have also discussed how planning a diet and exercise regime that burns more calories that you intake is really the key to weight loss.

See the 2015-2016 dietary guidelines for Americans here.

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