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Olympic Plates

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Olympic Plates are the only plates used in competition. They are more adaptable than traditional steel plates. Training with Olympic plates often focuses on larger muscle groups and gives you the option of higher weights than you would have with dumbbells. Lifting with Olympic Plates is a great way to maximize strength and increase muscle size. Olympic Plates are primarily used with Olympic bars.


Olympic Plates are east to lift and distribute force over a wide area. Olympic Plates are used for Olympic weightlifting, a category of movements that involve lifting a barbell high overhead, and letting it fall. Lower-end bumper plates are generally made with solid rubber with a steel or brass hub.


Olympic Plates have a 2” (50.6mm) diameter center hole. They fit all commercial bars and most plate loaded gym equipment ranges. The advantages of Olympic Plates include that they are more stable on the bar and that they are much more versatile. Olympic Plates allow a wide range of exercises that goes far beyond what you can do with standard plates.


There are different types of Olympic Plates. Rubber Weight Plates have an extra layer of rubber coating for safety, protection, and longevity. This helps protect the floor, but also ensures that they Olympic Plates last longer.


A step up is Urethane-coated plates. These plates have the same dimensions as rubber plates but are much more durable and less susceptible to markings and cosmetic damage. These do not mark the gym floor like the rubber ones can. There is also no off-gassing, which can be happen with some rubber products.


“Non-standard Olympic Plates” fit Olympic bars but have a reduced circumference. These Olympic Plates have grips that make them easier to lift off the ground and make it easier to perform exercises without a bar.


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