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Treadmills are the bread and butter of cardio machines. They are a simple moving platform with an adjustable speed and incline for limitless training options. They can be used for low-intensity or high-intensity cardio workouts. Users of all skill levels, ages, and sizes can build endurance, lose weight, and improve cardiovascular health by training on a treadmill.


Treadmills are effective for all types of cardio and conditioning, from walking and jogging, to high intensity interval training. Treadmills are a great option if you are training for a race, or trying to lose weight. For those seeking to lose weight, Treadmills are an effective option because they are weight-bearing, meaning that you bear the whole weight of your body while using them, and thus can burn more calories during your workout.


While using the Treadmill keep in mind not to run too close to the consul, and that it is better not to look up at a TV while using the machine. Looking up to watch a screen while using a  Treadmill can hurt your neck, and harm your running form.


When buying a Treadmill, keep in mind the various display panels and program options and see that they will accommodate the kind of workout that you’re looking for. Make sure that the belt size is also suited to the person who will be using the Treadmill. When buying a Treadmill, you also want to make sure that the foot panels are wide enough for you to stand on so you can use them when getting on and off the Treadmill.


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