Tips for Scoring Romance at the Gym

Alright guys- it is time to get real! Have you ever wanted to approach a woman at the gym, but just had absolutely no idea how to go about it without looking a little ridiculous? Well, here is a list of well-researched and empirically backed tips to help you get the girl without the blunders.

  • Make Sure Your Timing is on Point!

Timing is a key issue when approaching women at the gym. Pick the wrong moment and the opportunity will be missed!

Do Not: Don’t approach her while she is in the middle of her second rep or on her way to a spin class. Chances are she is too focused or pumped up to notice the guy making puppy dog eyes at her.

Do: Snag that moment after she wraps up the yoga mat or as she’s making her way to the exit. Chances are she is feeling pretty confident and happy witNXTh herself after a successful workout, so this might help your chances out as well. According to Maria Elena Martinez in Men’s Magazine, this will also give you a chance to compliment her on her workout- a great conversation starter!

  • Avoid Becoming Stranger Danger!

Don’t be that guy she only sees at the gym after the holidays. Your move might look creepy if it is too out of the blue.

Do Not: Don’t try to pick her up if she hasn’t seen too much of you. Keep this in mind: according to an article written by Anna Davies on picking up women at the gym in Men’s Fitness, “she’ll be more likely to want to have a conversation with you if she recognizes you than if you are a total stranger.”

Do: Take time to notice her, and let her notice you too. Patience is key, and this will also increase your chances of scoring a conversation or- even better- a phone number.

  • Think Before and After You Speak!

Think about what you are about to blurt out. Then, think again. Rather than trying to start a conversation based on her gym shorts, try taking a new approach.

Do Not: Fight the temptation to comment on her appearance, as hard as that may be. I’m sure she is well aware of what she looked like blog 4when she walked into the gym. Per Anna Davies, also avoid critiquing her workout. Unless she asks for your help, she doesn’t care what you think of her form.

Do: Try complimenting her on her workout. Take the time to notice what she is doing well, and let her know how awesome you think she is for it. If you happen to be in a class together, try asking her to be your partner. Also remember: if she is not into the conversation, just let it go!

The last thing to keep in mind is that this is supposed to be a brief encounter! Your objective is to get the number and move along!


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