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George Washington, Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Barack Obama…this may sound like another list of American presidents, but it is actually just a few of the fittest American presidents. These presidents, among others, were able to find that balance between family life, a healthy and active lifestyle and the responsibilities of being the president of the United States of America.

If we roll the clocks back a couple of hundred years, we find President George Washington in the British army and on his wIMG-20151102-WA0037ay to Fort Duquesne where the French were waiting (or perhaps somewhere under a cherry tree). Despite the “pear shape” and “narrow shoulders with matronly hips” we tend to see in history books, Washington was actually a well-built guy (Lou Schuler, MensHealth). Historian David McCullough even describes him as “a strapping man of commanding presence” in his book 1776. How did Washington manage to maintain himself? Blame it on the diet of the time, his active role in the war, or on the fact that Washington was “known as an excellent and energetic dancer,” (George Mason University Recreation). This American presidents favorite foods? Are you surprised to learn that cherries are at the top of that list? Washington also enjoyed a variety of fruits, nuts and seafood.

President Theodore Roosevelt made it to #1 on the list of fittest presidents done by George Mason University Recreation. According to this list, Roosevelt was “an advocate of a strenuous life and pushing one’s physical limitations,” (George Mason University Recreation). Some of Roosevelt’s usual physical activities included wrestling, boxing, hunting, horseback riding, fencing, hiking, Jiu Jitsu and tennis. Words of wisdom from George Mason University Recreation: “Be like Teddy.” Some of his favorite foods include steak, chicken and sugary coffee.

Sometimes referred to as the “Beacon of physical and intellectual fitness,” (George Mason University Recreation), John Quincy Adams was sure to make this list of fit presidents. If not for his daily 3 to 4 mile walks or his swims in the Potomac, we must give Adams props for keeping himself so healthy that he made it through a long 80 years of life. Even according to today’s standards, that is one long life! This American President enjoyed fresh fruits from the White House orchards, such as apricots, apples, plums and pears.

Although many might not agree with his political decisions, we can definitely agree that President George W. Bush was a pretty fit guy.

Cycling was his thing, and he was known to have exercised 6 times a week! On top of that, he avoided cigarettes and alcohol. What an accomplishment! Some of his favorite dishes include peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a medium rare burger.

This list can’t be completed with President Barack Obama. Some of Obama’s favorite physical activities include playing basketball, playing golf, and getting in that cardio and weight training a couple of times a week. Some of the favorite dishes in the Obama family include trail mix, dark chocolate, and some other health snacks.

(2015, Styles differ but U.S. presidents make fitness a priority,
(2015, Styles differ but U.S. presidents make fitness a priority,


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