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Precor AMTs (Adaptive-Motion-Trainer)

Precor AMTs are highly adjustable cardio machines that can mimic the workout that you would have on a treadmill, elliptical, or stair climber. They also resemble the elliptical in their shape and size, but they change entirely based on the way you choose to step on them. Precor AMT changeable components include the speed, incline, resistance, step direction, step height, and step length.


By changing the length and depth of your stride on a Precor AMT you can adjust which muscles you want to work, and how. Precor AMTs have the potential to burn more calories than an elliptical because of the many different workout variations that they can be used for.


The way that you step when using a Precor AMT determines the depth that you go and the resistance that you use. You can target and work different muscle groups on your lower body by switching up the movement:


Climbing: Short, up-and-down stride, this works the quadriceps.


Short: Mimics a walking movement. This mainly works quads, but also utilizes the hamstrings and glutes.


Mid-range: This movement resembles a jogging stride. This gives the glutes and hamstrings more of a workout and also activates the calves.


Long: This stride is the stride most similar to running. This movement activates all the muscle groups in the lower body and gets them working and engaged.


When using a Precor AMT it is important to make sure to engage the hips and glutes, NOT putting weight on your knees. It is also critical that you maintain good posture while training on the Precor AMT.



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