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Ellipticals are a great cardio machine option for beginners. These cardio machines are low-impact and easy to navigate. Simply step onto the large pedals, start moving, and you’re ready to go.


Similarly to treadmills, ellipticals have an adjustable resistance to offer more options for your workout. Increase the resistance to push yourself more, or use a lower resistance when first starting out to get acquainted with the movement. Start Moderately and increase your resistance and incline later as you build endurance.


Ellipticals are easy to use for beginners and they are easier on the hips and knees than treadmills are. They are good if you struggle with balance and can be a fantastic option if you are recovering from an injury for an effective low-impact workout.


While using an Elliptical it is important to maintain proper form. Keep your back straightened, abs tucked, and pelvis forward.


There are different types of ellipticals best suited to different workout needs.



Most Ellipticals fall into this category. Some front-drive Ellipticals have a seat like recumbent bikes, but with a higher intensity because of the seat location. Front-drive ellipticals have unequal weight distribution so that you have to lean forward and mimics a stepping workout. Front-drive Ellipticals with articulating foot pedals allow for a more natural motion and angle of the joint.



Rear-Drive ellipticals have unequal weight distribution as well, but you stand upright which reduces back strain. It is easier to balance when you’re not forced to lean forward. The pedals in a rear-drive elliptical flow in a circular motion so the workout is closer to your natural movements when walking or running.



Center-Drive Ellipticals are the newest type of elliptical. This makes them more expensive and less common. These machines center your weight, helping you stand up straight and maintain proper spine alignment, which can lead to fewer injuries.



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