Why Adjustable Dumbbells Are Essential To Your Home Gym If You Are Low On Space

Why Adjustable Dumbbells Are  Essential To Your Home Gym If You Are Low On Space

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You have yet to begin building your home or garage gym. When the pandemic first hit in 2020, all the stores sold out immediately. You rushed to call in and order when shipments came in, but they sold out too fast so you went home disillusioned and still without a way to get your gym-level gains from home.

Now it’s 2021 and you’re looking to bring the gym home once more. Disappointed with last year’s fitness progress, you’re feeling more ready than ever to bring the gym closer than your couch. That way you have no valid excuses for not getting a good workout in.

So where do you start? The best investment you could make upfront is adjustable dumbbells. With adjustable dumbbells, you’re making an investment into a piece of equipment that will carry you through your fitness gains. When you invest in a set of adjustable dumbbells, you won’t have to continue to buy bigger weights as you get stronger. When you already have the option of 5-45lbs, you’re set to build strength for years to come with no additional dumbbell sets needed.

Our Core1 Adjustable Dumbbell sets are sold in pairs. You can easily adjust the weight increments from 5 - 45lbs simply by turning the handle.

The beauty of adjustable dumbbells is that they work for nearly any space. Rather than requiring a whole wall like fixed dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells come with a single stand that takes up very little space. This makes them perfect to add to your garage gym without taking up any of your precious room. It also makes them a great option if you have a space that you convert for workouts, as adjustable dumbbells will easily tuck away with their stand into a closet or cabinet.

Adjustable dumbbells work for any home gym space, including those where noise is a factor. With just one set and adjustment stand you don’t have the clanging iron sound that you get with a traditional rack and fixed dumbbells. They take very little time and effort to adjust. Because of their easy adjustment it makes it super and easy for you to switch up their weight between sets. This is ideal for the home workout, giving you lots of options with one piece of equipment.

With the range of motion that dumbbells offer, they are an absolute must as you are beginning your home gym. They offer limitless possibilities for maximizing muscular development as the wide range of motion allows for your surrounding muscles to strengthen and support the muscle that your workout focuses on. Adjustable dumbbells are also a great option for supersets and drop sets where switching from one weight to another quickly is important.

As you’re looking into making your home gym dreams come true in 2021, adjustable dumbbells are the first step in the right direction. They won’t break the bank, the won’t break your flooring, and they’ll provide value to your workouts for years to come. You could spend $1400 on a dumbbell rack with 16 pairs of dumbbells, which is great if you already have an existing home gym setup with room to spare, or you could spend $400, start your home gym, and add the same value to your workouts for years to come.

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