Women and Strength Training: Those Pesky Misconceptions

Women and Strength Training: Those Pesky Misconceptions

Most women have an aversion to weight training because of the idea that it will result in bulky and masculine muscles. Although this is a misconception, it is a widely believed notion that results in very few females taking up weights next to the guys and focusing mostly on cardio. Although maintaining a healthy heart through cardio is very important, we are here to dispel the myth of the bulky muscles and give you a few great options to burn that fat and tone those muscles!


  • Will I bulk up if I take on strength training?

The answer is no. Women and men’s bodies have many differences, one of them being the production of hormones. Although testosterone is present in both men and women, it is present to a much lesser degree in women. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for many things in men, including muscle size and strength so, because it is present in much smaller quantities in women, we don’t have the hormonal support to bulk up the way that men do.

In an article written by John for Physical Living, it is explained in detail why most women won’t bulk up like men do. A couple of his reasons include:


Most women don’t possess the set of genetics necessary to accomplish this. John also  mentions that, aside from genetics, you’d also need a couple of doses of steroids.

Regimented Lifestyle

In order for anyone to attain that type of bulkiness, it is essential to lead a much disciplined life, in regards to diet and exercise. These women make a second home in the gym, and eat as many as eight meals per day.

Time and Patience

These type of changes don’t occur overnight; these women spend years working through intense training and taking in outrageous amounts of calories (and sometimes hormones).


  • What will strength training do for me?

There are countless benefits to strength training. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, just a few of those benefits include:

Improved Bone Health

One of the effects of strength training is that is increases the density of our bones, strengthens our tendons and strengthens our ligaments. This is beneficial to women because it can reduce the risk of osteoporosis developing later in life.

Increased Strength

One of the most noticeable differences women feel after they have taken on a strength training routine is that they have more strength, making daily tasks easier for some because lifting objects will be easier.

Improved Physique

An improved physique can lead to a better body image of oneself. For many women, this can also result in a higher self-esteem and more self-confidence. The Pennsylvania Department of Health also states that more women tend to continue their strength training routines after seeing results.


  • What are some strength training machines that are popular among women?

Self.com came out with a list of 5 strength training machines that women should use. Here’s what they recommend:

The Smith Machine- Good for squats, presses and chin-ups.

Assisted Pull-Up- Just as the name implies, this machine helps with pull-ups by countering your body weight.

Seated Leg Press- Great for toning your lower body. This is one of the most popular pieces of used gym equipment.

Seated Cable Row- Sculpts upper-body muscles.

Roman Chair- Strengthens your core.



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