Low Impact Cardio Workouts

Low Impact Cardio Workouts

In this week’s Buy and Sell Fitness blog we’ll be discussing low impact cardio workouts. To begin, we’ll list a few benefits of low impact cardio workouts. After which we’ll link you to different pieces of equipment that that can help you achieve these aims. At Buy and Sell Fitness we’re dedicated to helping you “Commit to Fit”!

Low impact cardio workouts have a number of benefits. First, they cause less strain on the joints. This can be an advantage for those who have previous injuries; whose joints can’t sustain repeated, high intensity workouts. Beginners can also benefit from this, especially as their bodies become accustomed to the routine of working out. Second, low impact workouts help improve cardiovascular health. This article discusses the relationship between cardiovascular health and physical activity. Not only do low impact workouts help prevent cardiovascular disease, but they also reduce blood pressure and improve the body’s ability to take in oxygen. Lastly, another benefit to low impact workouts is increased weight loss. By offering a boost to your metabolism, low impacts workouts can help you burn off those needed calories. Whether you are cycling, using an arc trainer or a stepmill, it’s possible for you to add intervals to the intensity of your workout; this will help you get the most out of your routine. Remember, to assure your safety and lessen the possibility of injury adjust the resistance to your specific needs.

Here is a useful list of different pieces exercise equipment, Buy and Sell Fitness carries, that can be used for a low impact workout:

Spin bike.

spin bike

Exercise bikes come in different models. At Buy and Sell fitness you can find recumbent bikes, upright bikes and spin bikes. The majority of these exercise bikes offer different levels magnetic resistance against your pedaling, so that you can adjust how hard you’d like your workout to be. Standard features often include adjustable seats and handlebars and a water bottle holder.

Arc trainer.

arc trainer

Arc trainers cause less stress on the joints and burn more calories than do ellipticals. Some are designed to concentrate on the lower body, while others work the total body.

Stair stepper/Stepmill.

stepmills for sale

Stepmills stimulate climbing stairs – except the steps actually move! Adjust pedal descent, choose from multiple programs to maximize your workout and easily monitor your heart rate to meet your goals.


rowers for sale

The rower, mimics the feeling of rowing on water with no strain on the back or joints while at the same time using every major muscle group in your body. Great for all fitness levels and an effective cardio workout.


ellipticals for sale

The elliptical, a common cardio machine found in most gyms, allows for less stress on the lower back. Emulate walking or running with reduced impact on the joints while activating different muscle groups.

Again, we at Buy and Sell Fitness are motivated to help our customers Commit To Fit! If you'd like to see more of our available inventory please click here.













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