Promaxima Stealth ST-38 T-bar Row / Upright Row

Promaxima Stealth ST-38 T-bar Row / Upright Row - Buy & Sell Fitness



ST-38 T-bar Row / Upright Row


2” X 4 3/8” X .120 Wall Oval tubing
Inner and outer weight stack shields.
40 oz. Seamless upholstery, bacteria free.
Quick easy adjustment.
Instructional color placard.
1/4" nylon coated aircraft cable driven. 4800 lb. test.
Independent dual pulleys.
Powder coat finish.



It’s pretty much general consensus amongst strength professionals that the T-bar row is one of just a handful of exercises that involve the entire set of muscles in an athlete’s back. From the rhomboids and trapezius hugging your spine and neck to the teres major and minor near your shoulder, the rowing motion engages a full range of back muscles.

The machine provides the proper support and angle for chest and upper body while isolating the back muscles. With versatile handles that provide a wide range of wrist position and a selectorized ratio driven weight system, this unit reduces the risk of unproductive jerking motions. However, the most unique aspect of this piece of equipment is a design that permits an easy transition from rowing motion to a back hyperextension movement that then engages your lower back in full with a simple switch of your stance. The most complete back workout one can get.

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