Precor Chrono Spinner Indoor Cycle w/ Console

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used chrono spin bikes SALE
Precor Chrono Spinner Indoor Cycle w/ Console SALE
Precor Chrono Spinner Indoor Cycle w/ Console SALE
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used refurbished precor chrono spin bike
used chrono spin bikes
Precor Chrono Spinner Indoor Cycle w/ Console
Precor Chrono Spinner Indoor Cycle w/ Console
precor chrono indoor cycle for sale
buy used precor chrono indoor cycles

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$1,275.00 $3,495.00

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Will arrive fully assembled & ready to use. Bulk discounts available

    Maximum User Weight: 350 lb / 159 kg
    User Height Range: 4' 11" to 6' 4" / 150 cm to 193 cm
    Q-factor: 6.4 in / 162 mm
    Length: 48 in / 122 cm
    Width: 20.4 in / 52 cm
    Equipment Weight : 126 lb / 50 kg

Computer Console Included

What to know when buying used / refurbished Precor Spinner Chrono Bikes


If you are purchasing the Precor Spinner Chrono Indoor Cycle for your gym or home, you can save over $2,000 Per Bike when you buy refurbished. A new Precor Spinner Chrono retails new for $3495 including shipping.

Refurbishing Process

Purchase your Precor Spinner Chrono from a reputable re-seller with a brick and mortar location - not a gym equipment broker. Our process is as follows

  • Frames are reconditioned
  • Computer / Consoles are recalibrated
  • ANY parts with more than 25% wear and tear are replaced
  • We also can offer to make you a video of your bike after purchase and prior to shipping at no charge so you know exactly what you will be receiving - no surprises!


Buy & Sell Fitness offers a complimentary 90 day parts / 30 day labor warranty on all of our Precor Spinner Chrono. This cover all parts on the bike. In the event that you need service in the warranty period - parts will be sent to your facility or home and all work by a technician will be done on site. Buy & Sell Fitness will pay technicians up front so you do not have to worry about an reimbursement!

Why the Precor Spinner Chrono is One of the Best Indoor Cycles on the Market

If you're looking for a top-tier indoor cycling experience, the Precor Spinner® Chrono™ is a standout choice. Here are the key reasons why it’s considered one of the best indoor cycles available:

Superior Build Quality

The Precor Spinner Chrono is built to last with a robust frame and high-quality components. Its durable construction ensures stability and longevity, even with intense daily use, making it ideal for both home gyms and commercial fitness centers.

Innovative Magnetic Resistance

One of the standout features of the Precor Spinner Chrono is its advanced magnetic resistance system. This technology provides a smooth, quiet ride and allows for precise adjustments, giving riders a consistent and customizable workout experience. The resistance system is virtually maintenance-free, adding to the bike’s durability.

Accurate Power Measurement

The Precor Spinner Chrono is equipped with an integrated power meter that accurately measures your power output. This feature is essential for serious cyclists who want to track their performance and progress over time. The power meter is reliable and easy to read, ensuring you get the most out of your workouts.

User-Friendly Design

Comfort and ease of use are paramount in the design of the Precor Spinner Chrono. It features an adjustable seat and handlebars to accommodate a wide range of rider heights and preferences. The ergonomic design promotes proper riding posture, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing overall comfort.

Enhanced Digital Experience

The bike comes with a bright, easy-to-read console that displays essential workout metrics, such as time, distance, speed, and power. The console is compatible with various fitness apps and devices, allowing you to sync your workout data and stay connected to your fitness goals.

Low Maintenance

Thanks to its high-quality materials and innovative design, the Precor Spinner Chrono requires minimal maintenance. The magnetic resistance system eliminates the need for brake pad replacements, and the sturdy frame can withstand rigorous use without frequent servicing.

Positive User Reviews

The Precor Spinner Chrono has received rave reviews from users and fitness experts alike. Riders appreciate its smooth operation, accurate power measurement, and overall durability. The bike's performance in both home and commercial settings underscores its versatility and reliability.

What We Think

The Precor Spinner Chrono stands out in the crowded field of indoor cycles due to its exceptional build quality, innovative features, and user-friendly design. Whether you are a serious cyclist looking to enhance your training or a fitness enthusiast seeking a reliable and effective workout, the Precor Spinner Chrono is a worthwhile investment. Its combination of durability, performance, and low maintenance makes it one of the best indoor cycles on the market today.

For those serious about their indoor cycling experience, the Precor Spinner Chrono delivers unparalleled value and performance, setting a high standard in the fitness industry.


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