MDF MD Series Compact Power Cage

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MDF MD Series Compact Power Cage

  • Heavy duty construction with 13 gauge posts.
  • EZ adjustment of 6-7 gauge safety bars and Olympic bar hooks
  • 5 hand position Chin bars
  • 84″ height fits under 7 ft. ceiling
  • 62″ depth x 50″ wide x 28″ spacing between upright posts
  • Safety bars and hooks lined with protective, durable nylon strips
  • Rugged anchor tabs to secure rack to the floor
  • 4 Olympic plate holders
  • Olympic Bar vertical storage holder
  • Beautiful Diamond Flake black powered coating with maroon accents
  • 3.5″ height adjustments fro safety bars and hooks
  • 300 lbs sturdy construction
  • This comes with a silver frame and black upholstery

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