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Used Gym Equipment Boston, MA - Commercial And Residential

 Are you contemplating on opening a gym in the bustling city of Boston, MA? Maybe you already own a gym and you are looking to expand or upgrade. If so, please consider Buy & Sell Fitness. If you are looking a piece of equipment for your home or simply in the market for Used Gym Equipment in Boston, MA, Buy & Sell Fitness as the best brands in refurbished gym equipment for a great price such as Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, Precor, Cybex, Core 1, Paramount and many more .

At Buy & Sell Fitness provide all kinds of used gym equipment that you and/ or your customers want such as Full gym circuits, strength/ muscle building machines, functional trainers, free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, Stairmasters, exercise bikes, multigyms and much more.

What do we mean by “Refurbished” Equipment? The Used Gym Equipment we sell, when in our possession, we breakdown each machine and toss away and replace all the parts that aren’t functioning properly anymore and paint them as well. Once we put them back together we have one of our technicians test the equipment making sure that not only looks like new but that everything works like new as well. In conclusion, not only will you be purchasing a like new piece of equipment you will be saving up to 70% compare to the cost of new.

At Buy & Sell Fitness, we have a full staff of experts in the fitness industry that help our customers not only in starting their new gyms but also expand the ones they have by giving them the best recommendations. We also help in the design of your gym by giving you an idea on how it would look in 3D, yes 3D Gym layouts making sure that your gym fits all of your customers’ needs to keep them coming.  We recognize that you might have many choices when it comes on the purchase of used gym equipment. Give us an opportunity to demonstrate you why we are the #1 providers in Used Gym Equipment in the world.

To learn more on Used Gym Equipment Boston, MA call us toll free to 800-900-0526 or email us at We will be more than  glad to help answer all your questions!

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