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 If you’re looking for a rowing machine in Aurora, IL, look no further than the Core1 Rower. We also stock used concept2 rowers and other new and used rowers.


The Core1 rowers are the ideal rowers for your home, garage, or commercial gym. They offer a comprehensive full-body workout and are lightweight and can easily be broken down into two pieces for efficient transport and easy storage. The set-up of the rower is easy and only takes about 20 minutes.


Core1 Air Rower Aurora, IL

The performance monitor on the Core1 rower allows you to track your workout by monitoring your watts, speed, distance, and calories burned. The backlit display allows you to place the rower in a dim lighting situation and still have an optimal view of the monitor. The monitor can also be adjusted so that you can have a clear view of it during your workout, no matter what your height is.


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The Core1 Rowing Machine offers a smooth slide on a stainless steel track for a cardio workout that can be adjusted to your workout needs. Rowers can offer a low-impact exercise option as the horizontal force production reduces the impact on the body.


The Core1 Rowing Machine is also the right choice if you’re looking for a cardio workout that is intensive as you can adjust the flywheel to increase resistance and really build up stamina, strength and endurance. Adjusting the flywheel will allow you to adjust your focus while using the rower as a tool. Wanting to build strength? Increase resistance and focus on building up your arms, legs, and core. Want to increase cardio? Reduce endurance and focus on getting your blood pumping.


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The rower is not a new exercise machine, but has been around for over a century. This machine is tested and true to improve your health and fitness. The rower can also improve your quality of life as learning the rowing movement strengthens new muscles and improves your coordination. Rowers are excellent cardio machines to help exercisers lose weight and keep it off. Rowers can require a high amount of energy exertion which helps the exerciser burn calories and keep off unwanted fat.


Core1 Air Rower Aurora, IL

The Core1 Rower will meet all of your gym’s rowing machine needs in Aurora, IL, Our warehouse is located in Orlando, Florida but we ship the Core1 rowers for free, nationwide.


The Core1 rower is comparable to the Concept2 Model D Rower from Rogue Fitness. Core1 customers rave about the smooth movement of the rower, the easy assembly, the quality workmanship, and the fair pricing. These rowers provide quality total-body workouts in any gym or fitness center, home or commercial.


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One of the major benefits of using a rowing machine is that while the machine provides you with the track and resistance, rowing has form that must be learned. Rather than doing all the work for you, these machines offer an opportunity for you to strengthen new muscles and use your core to balance and hold the proper rowing position.


Make sure to include the Core1 rowing machine as a staple when you build out your home or commercial gym in Aurora, IL.


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