Exercise Bikes

Exercise Bikes

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Also referred to as stationary bikes or spin bikes, Exercise Bikes are a cornerstone of gym equipment. They are also a top choice in exercise equipment for your home.


Exercise Bikes are pieces of equipment that function like regular bikes while staying in place as you pedal. They give you a similar workout to riding a bike but while staying in place. Exercise Bikes simulate resistance for varying levels of intensity to accommodate the beginner, or a more experienced cyclist.


Exercise Bikes can be used for improving cardio, strength training, weight loss and improved joint mobility. They offer lots of flexibility as you can increase the intensity of the Exercise Bike as you gain strength and endurance. On Exercise Bikes you can easily increase the intensity of your workout by increasing the rate of exertion and pedaling harder for longer time, or by increasing the resistance level on the console.


While Exercise bikes can be used by experienced cyclists to train, they can also offer a gentle, low-pact workout that prevents you from putting too much stress on your joints and shins. This makes Exercise Bikes an excellent choice for both the high-performing athlete and the elderly or those sustaining injuries.


Exercise Bikes can also be used as a hybrid for a low-impact high-cardio workout. Regardless of your training style, in as little as 30 minutes, three times a week, you can get excellent results using an Exercise Bike.


Whole Body Toning

While they naturally sculpt your calves, hamstrings, and glutes, Exercise Bikes can also work to tone your arms and abs for full-body sculpting.


You can tone your biceps and triceps through an intense grip while doing high intensity training on the bike. Gripping the handles while training actively strengthens both the biceps and triceps as you ride.


Your Abs are strengthened while abdominal muscles work to keep your body in the cycling position while riding.


Types of Exercise Bikes

There are different styles of exercise bikes to accommodate different training needs. They vary vastly both in user position and in their resistance systems. Exercise Bikes can be Upright Stationary, Recumbent Stationary, Dual-Action Stationary, Indoor Cycle or Other. Below, we will break down each one.



Upright Stationary

Upright stationary bikes are designed like a traditional road bicycle. The seat is located almost directly over the pedals while the handlebars are at a near equal height to the seat. Upright Stationary Bikes have a high center of gravity, causing the user to lean slightly forward.


These are the cheapest and most versatile form of Exercise Bikes. Upright Stationary bikes allow standing for efficient fat-blasting workouts. However, because of their positioning they could be a difficult option for elderly people to use.


Recumbent Stationary

On a Recumbent Stationary Exercise Bike, the seat is located almost in line with the pedals. The biker sits in a seated position with their arms to the side. Recumbent Stationary bikes are more comfortable than upright Exercise Bikes. They are ideal for the elderly or those suffering from back or neck pain as they are not weight-bearing and are easier on the joints and back.


Dual-Action Stationary

Dual-Action stationary Exercise Bikes combine the movement of bicycling pedals with moving handlebars. These allow an upper-body workout in addition to a lower-body workout. Dual-Action Exercise Bikes allow for a full-body workout since the dynamic movements are working the core muscles and abs as well.


Indoor Cycle

Indoor Cycle bikes look similar to Upright Stationary Exercise Bikes. The key difference is that Indoor Cycles use a weighted flywheel connected to the pedals through a transmission system for resistance while upright and recumbent bikes use electromagnetic induction for resistance.


Indoor cycles closely mimic a road bike because of their weighted flywheel system. This makes them the best option for serious outdoor cyclists to use for training during their off-season.


They are also the most common type of exercise bike used in spin class.


Other Exercise Bikes

Other Exercise Bike options include Interactive and Folding Exercise bikes. These can both be either recumbent or upright.


Interactive Exercise Bikes feature high-quality LCD screens with virtual courses. These can make you feel like you’re actually riding a bike outside while training.


Folding Exercise Bikes fold up for easy storage.


Buying an Exercise Bike

While an Exercise Bike is an investment, it can save you a lot by providing a convenient at-home workout solution to replace an expensive gym membership. Exercise bikes are extremely convenient as they enable you extreme flexibility in your workouts. Late at night or extremely early morning workouts are not an issue when you have an Exercise Bike at home. They also give you the option of quite easily squeezing in a workout during your lunch break when it doesn’t mean going all the way to the gym.


When purchasing an Exercise Bike for your home-gym there are some things that you’ll want to keep in mind. The first is how advanced you need it to be. Exercise Bikes vary in console options, so make sure that the one that you purchase has the capabilities that you’re looking for. Next, see the levels of resistance that it offers. You want a piece of equipment that has a wide-range of resistance levels so that you can move up as you grow in strength and endurance. Consider the weight of the bike when purchasing an Exercise Bike. The more that the Exercise Bike weighs, the more stable that it will be.


Each Exercise Bike sounds different and has a different volume. Make sure that the Exercise Bike that you purchase is suited to the needs of your home or home-gym.



These guidelines should help you select the ideal Exercise Bike for your training needs and space. Check out our selection here at Buy and Sell Fitness to find the ideal pre-owned Exercise Bike for your home and space from premium brands at a great price.


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