The History of Technogym


Technogym is known worldwide for their superb design and innovative technology, but how did they get the position that they hold in the world of fitness today?


It all started in 1983. At the age of just 22, Nerio Alessandri and his brother Pierluigi founded Technogym and began building exercise equipment in the garage of his home. Just one year after its inception, Technogym designed their first full line for strength training, called the Isotonic line. Two years after that, Unica was launched, this was the first product designed for domestic use.


Continuing on their path of innovation, Technogym invented the CPR (Constant Pulse Rate) system in 1990, a scientific algorithm for constant pulse/heart rate training. This became the Hallmark of Technogym products. A couple of years later Technogym introduced their first equipment for rehabilitation into their product range, enhancing users recovery process and aiding in the medical recovery process.


By the late 1980s, Technogym had launched a partnership campaign in the football world and Formula 1, becoming an official supplier of equipment for the athletic training of some of the biggest football clubs (including A.C. Milan), globally renowned sportsmen (like Formula 1 drivers Ayrton Senna and Michael Schumacher) and by 1990 major sport events like the 1990 Football World Cup.


Today wearable devices are everywhere, but in 1996 Technogym was on the forefront of technology with their development of the Wellness system. This was the first ever solution for managing training through a personal device. It was introduced via the portable TGS key. This was an archetypical example of wearable device. The TGS key was used to activate equipment and keep track of users programs and training data. In 2000, Technogym was chosen as the official supplier for athletic training at the Olympics, a recognition of their worldwide acclaim and superior equipment. In Sydney, more than 10,000 athletes trained using Technogym equipment.


In 2002 Technogym continued to incorporate technology into superior gym equipment and launched Wellness TV: the first TV screen integrated into a piece of fitness equipment. In 2007 this was taken a step farther with Visioweb: the first piece of fitness equipment connected to the web: a breakthrough enabling exciting new possibilities for the wellness experience.


Technogym launched the world’s first “wellness campus” in the presence of the president of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, and former president of the United States Bill Clinton in 2012. Four years later Technogym continued to make waves, as they were listed on the Milan Stock Exchange on May 3rd. In the same year Technogym released Skillmill, an innovative non-motorized piece of equipment that allowed athletes to train indoors for speed, power, and agility.


Technogym was chosen as the official supplier for athletic training for the sixth time in a row at the 2016 Olympics, held in Rio. The Technogym skill line was finally completed in 2018 with the addition of the Skillbike. In 2018 Technogym participated at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, their seventh time as the official supplier of the Olympic Games.


Today, Technogym continues to provide top notch gym equipment to professional training facilities and home gyms alike. Check out our selection of new and used Technogym equipment here at Buy and Sell Fitness for premium equipment at an affordable rate for your commercial or home fitness center.



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