The Best Used Gym Equipment For Glutes (booty!) & hams

A better look at the best fitness equipment for working your glutes (butt) and hamstrings

With the summer now a mere few weeks away, many of us will now have firmly turned our attention to our physiques and will be looking to really step up our training over the coming weeks in preparation for the summer, and for many, bathing suit season. To achieve the perfect body this year, we’ll need to ensure that no part of our bodies is neglected, and that includes the glutes (butt) and our hamstrings. You might not want a butt like Kim Kardashian, but a little shape is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, especially if we can tone it at the same time. Our hamstrings too, are often neglected in favour of the quads, but again, a toned set of hamstrings not only look great, they’re extremely functional too. Here’s a look at the best fitness equipment required for working both of these body parts.

A barbell and squat rack – Barbell squats are an absolutely fantastic exercise for working the hamstrings and glutes, and are considered one of the most effective compound exercises for adding mass and toning the muscles simultaneously. For that reason, a barbell and a squat rack could come in extremely handy for anybody looking to work these particular body parts. You don’t need to use heavy weights, in fact you can simply use the bar if you wish, just make sure that you use a squat rack for protection, and that you focus on really getting your butt at least parallel to the ground.

Hamstring curl machines – Ok, the clue’s probably in the name here, and yes, you guessed it, hamstring curl machines are indeed used primarily for targeting the hamstring muscles on your upper legs. Hamstring curl machines can require users to either sit up straight, or lie down face forward, depending on the design of the machine, before bending their knees against a chosen weight they selected to create resistance.

Cardio machines – As well as weight machines and equipment, cardio machines are also very beneficial for toning the butt and hamstrings, especially those which can be set on an incline. Stair climbing machines for example, are very beneficial as not only do they burn calories, which will help strip away and give you a leaner and firmer look, but they also work the glutes, hamstrings, and calf muscles, helping to strengthen and tone them. Setting a treadmill to an incline and running or walking will also target these very same areas and burn fat at the same time.

Cable machines – All good gyms will have a cable machine with various handles and attachments and these machines can be very beneficial when it comes to working the butt and hamstrings. For an effective workout, securely fasten an ankle attachment to your ankle, and set the cable pulley as low down to the ground as possible. Whilst facing the machine, slowly raise your leg in the air behind you, making sure to keep your head up straight. This is known as a rear leg lift and you will quickly begin to feel the burn after a few repetitions. After completing your working set, switch legs, and repeat as necessary.

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