Does Lifting Weights & Resistance Training Make Women Bulky?

When talking about lifting weights, many women are scared of only one thing: gaining weight. Although it’s true that muscle does weigh more than fat, a woman lifting heavy weights and following a personalized nutrition plan will not look big and bulky. This myth that women shouldn’t lift heavy started in the early 1900s, when society’s standards were different.

Now that women are fighting more for their right to be beautiful without conforming to society’s rules, myths, especially fitness myths, are being debunked left and right with scientific facts as proof.


That being said, here are 21st century-approved facts on women lifting weights:


  • Metabolism Booster 

    Muscles need more energy than fat to exist, which means that your blood will need to pump more oxygen and nutrients (i.e. blood) into your muscle tissues in order for them to stay lean. As your heart pumps blood faster, your metabolism automatically gets boosted by processing foods faster so your muscles can receive their nutrients on time. Therefore, your body will burn your food more quickly throughout the day, in turn needing even more energy (calories) to help you maintain a lean body. By turning to resistance training instead of hours of cardio, you will be able to eat more food all the while looking lean, strong and beautiful


  • - Improved Heart HealthAs you’re lifting weights, your muscles will need more blood to perform eccentric and concentric movements, for energy. As your heart rate is increasing, to pump more oxygen into your muscles, your cardiovascular strength improves as well. This in turn aids in boosting your metabolism, which creates a wonderful fat burning cycle in your body. Over time, your body will also open up your arteries to help more blood flow through your veins to your muscles, thus reducing your resting heart rate and decreasing your chances of heart disease.


So go ahead ladies, LIFT! Lift heavy, lift often! If you need quality used gym equipment to help you reach your goals reach out to Buy & Sell Fitness - The Global Leader in Used Fitness Equipment.

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