Benefits of using an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE)

What is an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE)? This is and upper body cardio machine. Designed to strength and condition the upper body by using your hands. Highly used for physical therapy and athletes. They aren’t as popular like other cardio machines but there are many benefits of utilizing an UBE as an alternative for your cardio.


One of the main uses of the machine is to acquire a cardio workout without the need of using your lower body, is great when you are rehabilitation from an injury and aren’t able to use the lower body. Also helps to strengthen for many injury made to the upper extremities. It also give athletes like runners and cyclist rest their lower body while supplementing a cardio workout.


The UBE rotary motion increases shoulder flexibility, increases stability and strength to the core since such motion works your abdominal and back muscles as well, and it’s a great warm up of your upper body before starting your upper strength training. There are different types of UBEs since it was introduced in the fitness industry, some of them come with adjustable seats and even no seats to meet the needs of the user. As well as different types of resistances such as pressure resistance, adjusted with a knob and some even have hydraulic resistance.


The commercial grade models may provide different features like a timer, digital resistance and heart rate monitors. So if you would like to have an alternative for your cardio or had an injury and can’t do your usual cardio routine, you can consider using an Upper Body Ergometer (UBE).


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