Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Why Great Abs Are Really Made in the Kitchen Not the Gym


The only way to truly get washboard abs is by losing enough belly fat to actually see them. When people see a great set of abs they often wonder how many exercises and what types is that person doing to get that six pack stomach. The truth of the matter is that to get a really lean stomach you will be spending most of your time in the kitchen planning your meals and a little bit of cardio to speed the fat loss up.

Washboard abs are easy to get with a little planning and self discipline. It's not as hard as you think. The planning part takes place in your kitchen by making sure you have meals prepared or healthy snacks. The most important key with fat loss is keeping your blood sugar stabilized without the up and down spikes. Foods high in sugar cause the body to release higher levels of insulin. High levels of insulin cause fat loss mechanisms to shut down and fat gaining processes to start up. High insulin also reduces natural levels of growth hormone in the body which is another powerful fat burning hormone that occurs naturally.

One of the very first things that you should implement in your kitchen is to stop cooking and eating high caloric foods. The only way that you can tone those muscles and get those six pack abs is when you burn more calories than the amount that you take in. Making your meals out from scratch instead of ordering out will give you the freedom to adjust your ingredients and take away those that may add up to the calorie count.

The amount of sodium (or salt) that you put into your cooked meals also plays an essential part in your dieting regimen. Sodium has a very important role in the process of muscle formation. If you are subjecting your abdominal muscles to heavy workouts, it's very important that you get ample amounts of these substances in your body. However, do make sure that you do not use overly large amounts of salt in your cooking as this can also mess up with your water-electrolyte balance and make you feel bloated and extra heavy.


Many dieting and exercise experts recommend that you take smaller but more frequent meals in a day. This change in eating habit can greatly help you get those six pack abs in no time at all. Eating four to six meals in a day can help promote constant metabolic rate and put your body at a state where it is continuously burning fats all throughout the day. This will help you build more lean muscle mass.

A good diet for washboard abs is going to consist of foods high in fiber, protein, and low in simple sugars. Simply shopping in the outer aisles of the grocery store where the meats, poultry, dairy, vegetables, and fruit are will keep you on target. Keep your shopping in the inner aisles to a minimum as this is where the highly processed foods with sugars and additives reside and they are belly fat magnets.

Eating the right foods all day for washboard abs will have you spending more time in the kitchen and less time in the gym. You cannot simply train more to make up for a bad diet to lose belly fat. That is the most stubborn area of the body and requires manipulation of what you eat.

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