• Cybex / Life Fitness Gym Package Get a GREAT DEAL on a gym that is closing!! Save 70% off USED pricing!  Since equipment is sold at a DEEP discount – this is is sold AS IS – TESTED WORKING. No warranty is provided with these units. [Read More...]

  • Ever wonder what your favorite Super Heroes  do to get in shape?? Those abs aren’t always CGI! These guy work hard for their movie ready bodies!! VIDEO BELOW

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  • Open a gym or fitness center in 2017. Add new pieces to your home gym. See what’s in stock at Buy and Sell Fitness! Jacob’s Ladder Precor 956i Experience Series Treadmill Precor EFX 576i Experience Series Elliptical Technogym Package Keise [Read More...]

  • Hammer Strength Smith Machine $2495 Free Shipping Hammer Strength Squat Rack $1399 Free Shipping Life Fitness Assisted Chin Dip $1999 Life Fitness Signature Jungle Gym $6999

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  • Buy and Sell Fitness helps new and current gym owners provide their customers with high quality, high functioning used commercial grade fitness equipment. As the fitness industry grows, so will the need for new fitness centers and gyms. Before ope [Read More...]

  • Anytime is a good time to open your gym, but the last 4 months of the year is a unique time period like no other! Lets look at a few facts: Figure Out All Of The Bugs Normally gyms are not super busy in September, October, November and December bu [Read More...]

  • Cybex Corporations is one the world’s leading fitness equipment manufacturers offering more than 175 individual exercise machines. In this week’s Buy and Sell Fitness blog learn how Cybex was founded, and about one of its most popular products [Read More...]

  • Have a look at Phase 2 For 4-R Gym- the largest Gym In Suriname – brought to you by Buy & Sell Fitness, The Global Leader in Gym Equipment. 4- R Gym – Paramaribo, Suriname

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  • In this week’s Buy and Sell Fitness blog we’ll be discussing low impact cardio workouts. To begin, we’ll list a few benefits of low impact cardio workouts. After which we’ll link you to different pieces of equipment that that can help you [Read More...]

  • Today’s blog post will offer tips on how to stay fit while on vacation or business travel. We will also discuss how Buy and Sell Fitness can help hoteliers accommodate the fitness needs of their guests. Unfortunately, there may be a time when yo [Read More...]

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