Life Fitness Pro 1 Pectoral FlyAre you considering opening a gym in Mueang Thailand, whether in Bangkok, or one of the other cities or towns in the country’s 76 provinces? Maybe you’ve already established a gym and are looking to add to your current list of equipment. If so, please consider Buy & Sell Fitness. We offer Thailand used gym equipment that has been refurbished at reasonable prices. We can provide all of the equipment your customers are looking for: treadmills, full gym circuits, ellipticals, multigyms, stairmasters, bikes, strength machines, functional trainers, and of course free weights. Our exercise machines tout brand names such as Precor, Life Fitness and Stairmaster and our weight machines are from makers such as Cybex, Hammer Strength and Paramount.

What do we mean when we say refurbished? All of the Thailand used gym equipment we sell is purchased after used in other gyms or facilities. Once we take possession, we take each piece of equipment completely apart, and throw away the parts that need replacing. We then put them back together, along with new parts, and then test each machine independently to make sure it works as good as new. What this all means for you is that you’re able to buy like-new famous name Thailand used gym equipment for a lot less money.

At Buy & Sell Fitness, we have a staff of professionals with extensive experience in helping people get new gyms started, from offering suggestions on layout, to figuring out which equipment is right for your customers. Our experts can help you build a gym that your customers will love. We understand the demand in Thailand as well, a country with the second largest economy in Southeast Asia. Tourists are looking to keep up with their exercise routine, and young people are looking for activities that help build endurance so they can participate in activities such as Muay Thai, boxing, and Takraw. We have the right machines to help you help your customers fulfill their goals.
To learn more about our line of Thailand used gym equipment, or to arrange for buying, call Buy & Sell Fitness toll free at 800-900-0526 or text us directly at 407-923-8285. We’ll assign a salesperson to find you the answers to your questions about the equipment you are looking for.