Precor 576i Experience Series ellipticalAre you considering opening a gym in Suriname, South America’s smallest sovereign state, whether in Paramaribo or one of the other towns along the country’s northern strip? On the other hand, maybe you already have one or more gyms up and running in the country and want to swap out some old equipment for something better. If so, please consider Buy and Sell Fitness for your Suriname Used Gym Equipment. We offer exercise machines that have been completely refurbished at sensible prices. We can provide all of the equipment your customers are looking for, whether it’s treadmills, circuit machines, ellipticals, heavy iron, Stair masters, or free weights. Both our exercise and weight machines come from famous names your customers will recognize.

So what exactly is refurbished? It’s when we buy inventory from other gyms or exercise facilities, bring it back to our workshop and tear it apart down to the bare bones. Every piece is then analyzed and thrown into the trash if it’s not in near-perfect condition. Then, we put it back together along with new parts. After that, we have another team put each piece of equipment through a testing process to ensure that it is in perfect working order. What this means for you is that you have a great opportunity to purchase Suriname used gym equipment that is almost exactly like new for a whole lot less money.

That’s not all we offer. At Buy and Sell Fitness, we have a group of people here that have been in the business of helping gym owners get up and running for many years. We can offer ideas and suggestions on layout, and of course, help you figure out which machines will work best in your facility to make your customers happy.
To find out more about our equipment and pricing, or if you’re ready to buy, call Buy And Sell Fitness for Suriname Used Gym Equipment at our toll free number: 800-900-0526. If you’re more comfortable texting, send us a message at 407-923-8285. We’ll assign a knowledgeable representative to you who will get you the answers to your questions, and help you find what you are looking for.