Tuff Stuff RPS-390 Power Squat Calf - Leverage Squat

Tuff Stuff RPS-390 Power Squat Calf - Leverage Squat - Buy & Sell Fitness

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Engineered to eliminate the risks of squats, the RPS-390 enhances the benefits, increases effectiveness and carries a full commercial rating, making it perfect for any facility.

A biomechanically correct angled squat platform ensures peak effectiveness and safety through the exercises. A rounded calf block also provides extra range of motion making the RPS-390 an ideal machine for those serious about squats.

ProClub Line Leverage Squat Features:
  • Biomechanically Correct Angled Squat Platform
  • Rounded Calf Block Provides Extra Range of Motion
  • Oval 11 Gauge Steel Frame
  • Plate Storage Horns
  • 11" Olympic Plate horns

ProClub Line Leverage Squat Specs:
  • Assembled Weight: 398lbs
  • Assembled Dimensions: 74"L x 61"W x 67"H

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