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A Life Fitness Pro Incline Chest Press is, and can best be described as follows: An Incline Press machine is a plate-loaded or selectorized piece of exercise equipment that works the muscles of the Chest during Strength Training. The user is in a seated position with an angled back pad, grasping horizontal handles placed at chest level, and lifts the loaded or selected weight by extending the arms and pushing the weight away from the body.

Technical Specifications: SU10

Dimensions: 73" L by 52" W by 65" H

Weight: 535 Lbs.

Weight Stack: 255 Lbs.

Frames are fully welded for maximum structural integrity

Covered pulleys to guarantee the safety of the users

Rubber bumpers suspended under each stack 

Adjustable seats

7/16" selector pin

Weight stack adjusts easily from seated position

Adjustable start position enables user to select desired range of motion


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