Life Fitness Integrity Series Stepper

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  • Smooth-Stepping Exercise
  • The IsoTrack climbing system with mono-roller, belt-driven design ensures a smooth, low-impact exercise experience.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • The ergonomically angled linear slide mechanism mimics a natural stepping motion and develops each leg independently for balanced results. Handlebars provide support and help ensure biomechanically correct posture.
  • Activity Zone
  • Heart Rate Monitoring Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the ergonomically correct handlebars to provide precise heart rate monitoring, and Polar telemetry provides accurate, "hands-free" heart rate monitoring.
  • Self-Powered Convenience*
  • Cordless, so you can place your Stairclimbers anywhere you want.
  • Plug-In Option
  • Provides a lower operating resistance, which appeals to novice and deconditioned users.
  • Monitor Will be removed prior to shipping 

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