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The Cybex VR2 Arm Extension machine has a selectorized weight stack that runs through a series of pulleys via a cable. It has an adjustable seat to accommodate a wide range of user heights. The elbow pad is fixed. It has a selectorized weight stack of 190 lbs. in 20 lbs. increments. The arm extension handle swivels to reduce wrist strain during the arm extension movement. It is a machine that is designed to simulate a triceps press or pressdown using dumbbells or a free weight bar. It has an exercise placard that shows the basic operation of the machine as well as the muscle groups involved. The Cybex VR2 Arm Extension is a machine that is compact and commercially built for a health club, sports training facility, or busy home gym setting

  • Adjustable, angled back pad allows for torso stability.
  • Handles automatically adjust to accommodate forearm length.
  • Cam provides increased resistance at point in range where force output is greatest.
  • Machine Weight 410 lbs.
  • Weight Stack 205 lbs.
  • Height: 55 in.
  • Length: 51 in.
  • Width: 36 in.

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