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Eagle has always stood as the benchmark for excellence in strength machines. Now we’re redefining what it means to be the best with refined movements, restyled aesthetics, and reimagined user features. The Eagle NX Leg Press is made up of fifteen premium and unique pieces of strength training equipment designed to transform your facility and their workouts.

Aesthetically sophisticated yet highly durable, the Cybex Eagle NX Leg Press is built to withstand rigorous movement yet gentle on the joints, and designed for all fitness levels yet focused on individual results, Eagle NX provides an unparalleled workout experience. Strength training has evolved beyond the number of pounds bench-pressed and reps crunched. Today, it’s about burning calories, building lean muscle, improving bone density, and managing chronic conditions. The strength training revolution has begun and nowhere is that more evident than with the Eagle NX strength line from Cybex.

Articulating carriage moves backward and tilts for greater range of motion at the hip and more complete training of the glutes and hamstrings
Seat back angle adjusts to five positions emphasizing comfort and greater hip range of motion. Designed to replicate a safe, controlled squat


  • Product Number: : 20040
  • Dimensions: : 68" L x 42" W x 73" H
  • Machine Weight w/ Stack: : 1020 lbs. (464 kg)
  • Weight Stack: : 505 lbs. (229 kg)


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