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Cybex Adjustable Bench w/ 0-80 Degree Incline, it's elevated knee reduces lower back strain, works on it's own or with power racks and Smith Machines. Designed to be all things to all people, the flat position is ideal for multiple exercises with free weights while the incline position allows for focus on upper-body workouts, and the decline position and work out the core with total control and efficiency while your knees are comfortably supported. Adjustable back pad and seat bottom allow for maximum versatility, while wheels and handle allow for easy transport from one spot to another.

Back Pad Adjusts from -10 Degrees to 80 Degrees (8 Positions)
Seat Bottom Adjusts from 0 Degrees to 20 Degrees (3 Positions)
Wheels and Handle Make This Bench Easily Portable
Handle Doubles as a Footrest
Durable Finish and Stylish Design Ideal for Any Home or Commercial Gym

Dimensions: 56″ L x 25″ W x 46″ H
Weight: 74 lbs (34 kg)

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