Cybex 625T Treadmill w/ E3 Console - Reconditioned

Cybex 625T Treadmill w/ E3 Console - Reconditioned - Buy & Sell Fitness
Cybex 625T Treadmill w/ E3 Console - Reconditioned - Buy & Sell Fitness
Cybex 625T Treadmill w/ E3 Console - Reconditioned - Buy & Sell Fitness
Cybex 625T Treadmill w/ E3 Console - Reconditioned - Buy & Sell Fitness

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  • Track: The Cybex 625T Treadmill has a roomy 22″ x 60″ running area. The track is long enough for full running strides and has extra width compared with standard treadmill running areas. Standard handrails are alongside the track for safety.
  • Cushioning: The 625T and other Cybex treadmills have a patented Intelligent Suspension System. This is a variable cushioning system. Instead of providing one firmness throughout the length of the track, the Intelligent Suspension System provides different firmness zones at the front, middle and back of the track.
  • Automated Incline: To support faster calorie burn and muscle toning, this treadmill can tilt up to 15%. Incline controls are placed the cross bar for convenience during workouts.
  • Powerful Motor: The Cybex 625T Treadmill has a 5 HP motor. It smoothly supports speeds up to 4 mph.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: Trainees have a choice of contact and wireless heart rate monitoring. The heart rate feedback is color coded.
  • Display:An 8×15 LED display shows a good amount of feedback: speed, incline, time, distance, calories, calories/hr, METs, Watts, Pace and Heart Rate.
  • Optional High-Tech Entertainment & Workouts: For extra workout support and entertainment, the 625T is available with a 15.6″ monitor called the E3 View HD. This widescreen monitor is named for its three viewing modes: Exercise, Entertainment and Escape. Another upgrade is a digital platform called Cybex GO. Cybex GO provides high definition virtual workout environments, music videos, TV and more.
  • Convenience:Speed and incline controls are positioned on a cross bar for easy access during workouts. Other convenience features are two large water bottle holders, a reading rack and an accessory tray.
  • Safety: A safety lanyard is permanently attached with a key and can be used to stop the treadmill in case of emergency. Cybex treadmills also have handrails and a user motion detection feature called Safety Sentry.
  • Color: Cybex treadmill frames can be painted any color at the factory. Some colors have premium prices.
  • High Capacity: The 625T has a 400-pound user weight capacity.
  • Multilingual: The console can shows readouts in English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Danish and Dutch.



Star Rating: 4.75-stars
Motor: 5 HP
Incline: 0 - 15%
Running Area: 60" x 22"
Folding: No
Top Speed: 12.4 MPH
Weight Capacity: 400 LBS
Dimensions: 82.5" L x 36" W x 59" H
Built-In Programs: 9


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