AbSolo Abdominal Exercise Machine - NEW

AbSolo Abdominal Exercise Machine - NEW - Buy & Sell Fitness SALE


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The AbSolo is a fun and effective abdominal exercise machine that keeps users excited about working their core. With a patented ball return design, the all-new Ab Solo features a sleek design with a smaller footprint and quieter performance than the original.

  • Suspended Throw Target
  • Complete Core & Cardio Workout
  • Three Color-Coded Touch Targets
  • Air-filled Lumbar Support
  • Digital Workout Counter
  • Two 6lb & 8lb Medicine Balls Included

Dimensions: 84″ (213 cm) L x 41″ (104 cm) W x 70″ (178 cm) H – Weight: 275 lb (125 kg)

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