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Gym Closing SportsArt Gym Package / Cardio

$ 52,999.00 USD $ 42,999.00 USD

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The Layout Below is 4,0000 sq ft fitness center. This package can be customized to your gym!


(5) Precor treadmills
(2) SA Recumbent Bike
(2) SA Upright Bike
(5) Sports Art Ellipticals

Strength Circuit- SportsArt


Leg Extension

Leg Curl

Leg Press

Shoulder Press

Lat Pulldown

Seated row

Chest Press

Pec Fly / Rear Delt

Assisted Chin Dip

Lateral Raise

Back Extension



(1) High / Low Adjustable Cable Crossover

Plate Loaded / Benches / Weight
(4) Adjustable Bench
(1) Preacher Curl Bench
(4) Olympic Bench
(1) Smith Machine
(1) Power Rack
(1) Back Extension Bench
(1) 45 Degree Plate Loaded Leg Press
(1) Rubber DB Set 5-100
(1) 1500lbs Iron Olmypic Plates

Bars & Accessories

5 Olympic Bars

2 Olympic Curl Bars

Plate Tree

Medicine Ball Set

6 Gym Mats