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Precor EFX 546i Experience Series Elliptical

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Precor 546i Experience Series Elliptical – Serviced & reconditioned

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The Precor is a super efficient, low impact workout that is easy on your joints and helps you burn calories faster. It features a built-in heart rate monitor into the handles and the new experience style display. Its tactile paddles control CrossRamp and resistance, confirming user input with a satisfying click. The multiple feedback options make it easy to monitor workouts.

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  • Lower Rate of Perceived Exertion – Minimizing impact makes workouts on the EFX seem easier than other aerobic exercises. This invites more vigorous exercise for better, quicker results. So easy to use, just get on and go.
  • Exclusive Cross Ramp(R) Technology – Changing the angle of the ramp targets and cross-trains different lower-body muscle groups, including quadriceps, gluteals, hamstrings, and calves.
  • Workout Variety – Features a variety of pre-programmed courses and multiple resistance levels, keeping exercise routines fresh and motivating.
Programs: Manual, Crosstraining 1, Crosstraining 2, Crosstraining 3, Gluteal 1, Gluteal 2, Interval, and Weight Loss Interval. QuickStart option for manual course.
Displays: Time, time remaining, segment time, distance, heart rate, watts, mets, calories, calories/minute, resistance, strides, strides/minute.
20 Resistance Levels!
Contact Heart Rate Monitor Built Into Handles!
Soft Touch Display: Works at the graze of a finger instead of a button
Dimensions: 80 in x 32 in x 68 in
Weight: 318 lbs
Power: Self Powered
CrossRamp: 13 – 40 degrees
Stride Length: 21 in
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Programs (10): Cross Training:3, Fitness Test:1, Gluteals:2, Heart Rate:1, Interval:1, Manual:1, Weight Loss:1
Six program buttons serve as a direct access to 10 unique programs.
Displays: Time, time remaining, segment time, distance, heart rate, watts, mets, calories, calories/minute, resistance, strides, strides/minute
20 CrossRamp settings (13 to 40 degrees) ... 20 Resistance Levels
Contact Heart Rate Monitor Built Into Handles
Product Dimensions: 80"L x 32"W x 68"H
Product Weight:318 lbs
Stride Length: 21.2" at 13 degrees to 24.7" at 40 degrees