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Nautilus T914 Commercial Treadmill

$ 1,699.00 USD

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Nautilus T914 Commercial Treadmill | $1699 | Free Shipping!

***This piece will arrive in functional condition and has been serviced, inspected, cleaned and tested. This product will have aesthetic flaws, scratches and scuffs but will arrive ready to use! This product has not been repainted. If you have further questions about what ‘Serviced & Cleaned’ means please contact us at (800) 900-0526! Pictures shown is of a stock Buy & Sell Fitness photo of your product — if you’d like a video just ask!***

What does ‘Free Shipping’ Include? 
Our standard shipping charge is for curbside freight only. Curbside freight means the machine will arrive fully or partially assembled on a large pallet and will be crated in wood. The trucking company will arrange an appointment to drop it off and will drop it off on the curb/street or driveway depending on access. The buyer is responsible for taking the crate apart, and bringing the machine inside their home or business.
  1. Speed Range Speed range of 0.5 – 12 mph, in 0.1 mph increments (0.8 – 19 kph). Speed accuracy at any speed of ± 0.2 mph.


  1. Elevation Range Elevation range of 0 – 15% grade, in 0.5% increments, featuring an 1,100 pound lift actuator to accommodate running loads up to 400 lbs.


  1. User Weight Capacity 400 lbs (181 kg) user weight capacity defined as follows: the T914 will allow a 400 lb. user to run up to 6 mph (9.6 kmh) and a 250 lb user to run up to 12 mph (19.2 kmh) without failure. The T914 will accommodate walkers up to 600 lbs (273 kg) up to a speed of 4 mph (6.4 kmh) at a 0% incline.


  1. Walking Area 22 x 60 inches (56 x 152.5 cm) measured from the hood cover to the end of the deck. The effective walking area of the treadmill, measured from the front handrail to the end of the deck is 54” long (137 cm).


  1. Power Requirements Requires a 115 V, 20 amp dedicated electrical circuit. The T914 is equipped with power inlets in both the front and rear of the machine, allowing for location flexibility. A two-position switch on the front of the treadmill selects between rear power, front power and off. Each treadmill includes an 8 foot power cord with a NEMA 5-20P nonlocking plug (220 V model also available).


  1. Drive System/Motor The T914 features a third-generation Hyperdrive® system, even more powerful and efficient than ever. Our exclusive, patented electronic transmission and 4.8 HP AC-motor drive system delivers more torque to the drive belt than any other treadmill (including those that advertise a larger HP motor). This extra performance will result in the belt and deck lasting longer, provide more accurate speed control, and a very smooth, natural walking/running feel. The T914 with Hyperdrive is very quiet, provides a gradual start from zero, and is so efficient it allows you to do more with less power. The T914’s AC-Motor with Hyperdrive does not have commutator brushes (found in DC motors), and will last indefinitely, requiring no maintenance. Hence, a 15-year warranty on the motor.


  1. Remote Operation Controls™ Unique Remote Operation Controls™ allow the user to control the treadmill from the convenient “keypod” located on the front handrail. The ROC™ keypad includes Quick Start, Speed, Incline and Stop keys.


  1. Precision-Machined Parts Front and rear belt rollers, motor flywheels, and elevation components are all machined on computer-controlled milling and lathe systems to our precise specifications. The rollers, motor flywheel, and drive sprocket are balanced to less than 0.4 grams to eliminate vibration and reduce noise.


  1. Shock Absorption System REACT™ Absorption Control Technology is a patented running surface providing a progressive cushioning system. The REACT™ system works through a unique series of impact-absorbing elastomer cushions of variable height and flexibility. Each REACT™ cushion is