optima series package

Life Fitness Gym Package

$ 73,000.00 USD

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Great package to open your gym!!! All strength equipment will be BRAND NEW with 3 – 5 year warranty and all cardio equipment will be reconditioned!!! Don’t miss this deal!!

Excel 5 Station Jungle Gym
excel 5 station jungle gym

Strength Circuit
Life Fitness Optima Series Leg Press

Life Fitness Optima Leg Press
Life Fitness Optima Series Leg Extension

Life Fitness Optima Leg Extension
Life Fitness Optima Series Leg Curl

Life Fitness Optima Prone Leg Curl
Life Fitness Optima Series Shoulder Press

Life Fitness Optima Shoulder Press
Life Fitness Optima Series Lat Pulldown

Life Fitness Optima Pulldown
Life Fitness Optima Series Ab Crunch

Life Fitness Optima Series Chest Press

Life Fitness Optima Chest Press
Life Fitness Optima Series Seated Row

Life Fitness Optima Series Tricep

life fitness optima tricep
Life Fitness Optima Series Bicep

life fitness optima bicep

Plate Loaded
EWP Smith Machine
Excel Smith Machine
Excel Plate Loaded Leg Press

Seated Calf
Core1 Power Rack
Core1 Elite Power Rack

EWP Oly Bench Buy_Sell_Fitness
2 Olympic Flat Bench
1 Olympic Incline Bench
1 Olympic Decline Bench
4 Adjustable Benches
1 Flat Bench
1 Ab Bench
1 Utility Stool
1 Preacher Curl
1 Vertical Knee Raise

Free Weight
Tri Grip Olympic Plates
5 – 100lb Dumbbell Set
2000lbs Olympic Plates
20 – 110lb Barbell Set
Medicine Ball Set
2 Exercise Stability Balls
4 Yoga Mats

4 Matrix T3xe Treadmills

Matrix T5X Treadmill

4 Matrix A3x Ellipticals
Matrix e5xc Elliptical2

1 Precor 846i Upright Bike


Precor 846i Recumbent


Precor 846 Model