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51 Piece Cybex Eagle / Life Fitness Signature Series Gym Package w/ Cardio

$ 63,000.00 USD $ 55,000.00 USD

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Complete Gym Package! 
Life Fitness Signature Series, Hammer Strength &  More!
THIS EQUIPMENT IS READY TO SHIP!! Perfect to start your gym just in time for 2019!!

5 Star Trac STR Treadmills


2 Cybex 630a ARC Trainers

2 Precor 576i Elliptical

2 Precor 846i Experience Series Recumbent Bikes

1 Upright Bike

1 Stairmaster Stepmill



Life Fitness Signatures Series 8 Station Jungle Gym

Jungle Gym Model


Strength Circuit

eagle leg press


Cybex Eagle Abductor / Abductor

Cybex Eagle Leg Curl

Cybex Eagle Leg Extension

Cybex Eagle Leg Press

Cybex Eagle Bicep

Cybex Eagle Chest Press

Cybex Eagle Ab Crunch

Cybex Eagle Shoulder Press

Cybex Eagle Lat Pulldown

Cybex Eagle Back Extension

Cybex Eagle Tricep

Cybex Eagle Back

Nautilus Assisted Chin Dip


hammer olympic flat

Plate Tree

Life Fitness Signature Series Ab Bench

Life Fitness Signature Series Hyper Extension

Life Fitness Signature Series Olympic Shoulder Bench

Hammer Strength Olympic Flat Bench

2 Life Fitness Signature Series Olympic Flat Bench

Body Masters Olympic Flat Bench

Hammer Strength Utility Stool

2 Nautilus Decline Ab Bench

4 Adjustable Benches

Hammer Strength 4 Station Pull Up / Dip Tower

Plate Loaded

used hammer strength smith machine

Hammer Strength Smith Machine

Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Calf

Hammer Strength Plate Loaded Bicep Curl

Cybex Hack Squat

Atlantis Power Rack

Free Weights

5 – 100lb Dumbbell Set

2500lbs Olympic Plates


4 Olympic Bars

1 Olympic Curl Bar

Kettlebell Set