Cybex VR3 Back Extension

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Cybex VR3 Back Extension

Cybex’S VR3 strength line brings the desired balance between a sleek design and unparalleled performance, delivering nothing short of an amazing user experience and workout.


  • FOCUS ON THE TARGET: The Cybex Patented pelvic stabilization system utilizes adjustable foot brace which allows the user to “lock into” the hip pad, causing hip extensor engagement for optimal pelvic stabilization.
  • PROMOTES LOWER BACK USE:  The lumbar level axis of rotation promotes the use of the lower back (spinal erectors) as the prime movers. Starting positions provided every 10°.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: From small to tall without getting off the machine. The adjustable footbar accommodates user height variation and allows adjustment from the seated position.
  • CONTROLLED LUMBAR EXTENSION: Lumbar extension – but not too much. The Cybex design promotes proper and controlled movement into extension. Curved lumbar pad encourages lumbar extension/flexion while minimizing the possibility of excessive extension.

Condition: Cleaned & Serviced

Warranty: 6 months