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Cybex | Precor Gym Package

$ 66,995.00 USD $ 54,995.00 USD

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This package is perfect for a 3500 – 5000 sq ft gym depending on layout. Below is a sample layout of this package is 4,000 sq ft. This package can be customized to be perfect for your future gym! Let us know how we can help! Si habla español. This package can be shipped anywhere in the world. Contact us for shipping / installation quotes!

lf hamer 4000 sq ft 2 lf hamer 4000 sq ft


Precor 835 V2 Treadmill with P30 Console $2699 Free Shipping (3)

5 Precor 835 Treadmills

4 Precor 833/835 Ellipticals

1 Precor Recumbent Bike

1 Precor Upright Bike



Core1 8 Station Jungle Gym

core1 8 station jungle gym

Cybex / Hammer Strength Circuit

vr1 chest press

Cybex Bicep

Cybex Tricep

Cybex Inner / Outer Thigh (abductor / adductor)

Cybex Chest Press

Cybex Leg Extension / Leg Curl Combo

Cybex Tricep

Cybex Ab Crunch

Cybex Shoulder Press

Cybex Lat Pulldown

Cybex Leg Press

Hammer Strength MTS Kneeling Leg Curl

Hammer Strength MTS Iso-Lateral Bicep

Hammer Strength MTS – Iso Lateral Tricep

Plate Loaded

Smith Machine

Core1 Smith Machine

Plate Loaded Leg Press

core1 plate loaded leg press

Core1 Hack Squat

core1 hack squat

Squat Rack

T-Bar Row


2 Olympic Flat Benches

1 Olympic Incline Bench

3 Adjustable Benches

1 Utility Stool

1 Ab Bench

1 Vertical Knee Raise

1 Preacher Curl

Free Weight / Accesories

5-100lb Rubber Dumbbell Set w/ 2 Racks

1500lbs Rubber Olympic Plates

3 Olympic Bars

1 Olympic Curl Bar

1 Medicine Ball Set

4 Yoga Mats

1 Set Of Resistance Bancs

Set Of Plyo Boxes