Cybex 750T Treadmill

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The CYBEX 750T treadmill is the ultimate effective and efficient workout for members while club owners get a new level of reliability and performance. Meet the new standard for treadmills – the CYBEX 750T.


For the most demanding users. A powerful 6 HP brushless AC motor makes the 750T treadmill a durable machine that stands up to the harshest commercial environment. Accommodating users up to 400 lbs (182 kg), the 750T has a speed range up to 15.6 mph for serious runners.


Built smart to avoid jarring the back. The deck of the 750T is soft at landing, hard in the middle, and rigid at the toe-off, to exactly match the body mechanics of a runner. To dampen the shock effect, we use an advanced-technology elastomer – we call it the IS3 Intelligent Suspension System, and only CYBEX has it. Our competitors soften their treadmills’ entire deck causing a “trampoline” effect that can actually lead to injury.


Details make this the BMW of treadmills. A built-in fan is standard (and staying cool means a longer workout). The display is digital for easy instruction and feedback and the 10-key keypad lets you get started faster. A concealed power cord exposes only the amount of cord needed to reach the outlet. The optional Personal Entertainment Monitor with made-for-ipod compatibility turns itself off to save energy and prolong monitor life. Details… but they all add up to the industry’s premium treadmill.


In a smaller footprint. With a spacious 62” × 22” running area and a compact overall area of 80” × 34”, the 750T has a smaller footprint than its competition but delivers more running space. Club owners love the 750T treadmill because members have more room to run and the club has more room for members.

Programs and More (A)
The 750T is rich with programming. 10 standard, 9 custom, 5 fitness. And, of course, Quick Start and Manual. Favorites such as Hill Interval, Pike’s Peak, Heart Rate Control, Weight Loss and Cardio programs provide virtually unlimited variety.

Split Level Display (B)
The console itself is designed to match the way a treadmill is used. By separating the console into two parts, we’ve given users the ability to use what they want and when. Time, speed, and incline are always visible on the lower level with other information on the top.

Self-Serve Deck (C)
CYBEX engineering has developed the lowest maintenance deck in the industry and it is standard on the 750T treadmill. And … the double sided deck can be rotated and flipped giving up to four surfaces to maximize deck life.

Cool Belt (D)
Heat is the enemy of virtually every mechanical device and a treadmill deck and belt are no exception. The 750T poly-cotton blend allows heat to escape, so our running belt stays cooler and lasts longer than our competitors.

The 750T has lots of details that make it the premier treadmill in the industry. A built-in fan keeps users cooler longer and a longer workout means better results. A concealed power cord exposes only the amount of cord needed to reach the outlet. The personal entertainment monitors turn themselves off when not in use to help save energy and prolong monitor life. Details…but they all add up to a better treadmill.

Heart Rate Monitoring
Heart rate can be monitored from either the contact grips or hands free from a wireless heart rate transmitter. See it at a glance with a multi-colored LED that with a different color for specific target heart rate zones.

Safety Sentry
Knows whether you are there or not and will stop the belt after the pre-selected waiting period helping to keep members safe. P.S. Don’t forget to use the Safety Lanyard.
Product Specifications

Product Dimensions 80 x 34 in / 203 x 86 cm
Product Weight 460 lbs (209 kg)
User Weight Limit 400 Lbs. (181.2 Kg)
Incline Range 3% – 15%
Speed Range 0.5 – 15.6 mph / 0.8 – 25 km/h
Running Area (L x W) 62 x 22 in
157 x 56 cm
Step-up Height 11.5″ (29 cm)
Programs Quick Start, Manual, 9 Standard programs, 9 custom program slots & 5 fitness test programs.
Display 10×15 matrix display of workout profile. 16 character message bar. LED readout of speed, incline, time, distance, calories, calories/hr, METs, Pace, Heart Rate
Handrails Standard Handrails
Motor 6 HP Peak AC motor and 1000lbs thrust incline motor
Power 100v