People working out on used gym equiometAre you considering opening a gym in Miami? Or, maybe you already own a gym downtown and want to either replace some of your equipment or add to your current inventory. In any case, we hope you will consider Buy and Sell Fitness for your Miami Used Fitness Equipment. We offer reasonably priced equipment for gyms that have been refurbished. We have the kinds of equipment people in South Florida are looking for, such as gym circuits to treadmills to cardio equipment and multi-gym apparatus’, and of course, StairMasters. We also have various types of stationary bikes and an assortment of machines that can be used to help build muscle and/or strength, along with functional trainers, and plenty of free weights. All of our exercise machines are well known brand names, as are our weight machines.

Our machines are actually more than refurbished. When we buy used equipment from another gym or exercise facility, we take it apart, down to the nuts and bolts. We replace worn or borderline parts, and then put the machine back together. Afterwards, every single machine is put through a serious testing process to make sure it looks and works as well as brand new equipment. What this all means for you, the customer, is that you have an opportunity to buy equipment that is every bit as good as brand new equipment, at a fraction of the cost.

That’s not all we offer. Buy and Sell Fitness’ Miami used fitness equipment means you will also have our people who have years of experience in helping customers put together new gyms or re-outfit existing facilities. We can help you by assisting with the layout, and of course, figuring out what pieces of equipment will best suit your clientele. We want you to succeed. Our staff is dedicated to helping you put together a suite of gym equipment that will keep your customers coming back.
To learn more about the types, brands, or variety of equipment we offer, or if you’d like to purchase Miami used fitness equipment, call Buy and Sell Fitness toll free at 800-900-0526. If you prefer, send a text message to us at 407-923-8285, and one of our sales associates will be assigned to you. From there we can get to work on providing you with the perfect equipment for your gym.