Strar Trac 8543 Functional Trainer - Serviced & Reconditioned

Strar Trac 8543 Functional Trainer - Serviced & Reconditioned - Buy & Sell Fitness SALE

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$2,199.99 $2,495.00
SKU: ST-8543-FT-R

Get a comprehensive, total body workout at home with the ST Fitness 8543 Functional Trainer from Star Trac. The Functional Trainer helps you build muscles necessary for whatever physical challenge you take on! The dual pulleys and 7 multi-purpose attachments enable extensive exercise variation so you can target all major muscle groups! The Multi-position pull-up bar accommodates a wide range of users and provides extensive workout variety to maximize fitness results. The dual 180 lb. weight stacks and 1:2 weight ratio make the 8543 Functional Trainer a powerhouse workout tool. This unit is designed to work with other ST Fitness Utility Benches and includes ankle straps, a tricep rope, swivel lat bar and more! For an effective and convenient total body workout, bring home the ST Fitness 8543 Functional Trainer. ST Fitness promotes and supports an active and healthy lifestyle because they know, Fit Starts With You.


  • Functional Trainer Dimensions: 45in L x 50in W x 83 1/2in H / Weighs: 540 lbs.
  • Dual Pulleys and 7 Multi-Purpose Attachments Enable Extensive Exercise Variation
  • Multi-Purpose Pull-Up Bar Accommodates a Wide Range of Users and Provides Workout Variety
  • Compact Design for Total Body Workout In Space-Efficient Foot Print
  • Features Dual 180 lb. Weight Stacks

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