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The Precor S3.45 Strength System helps you improve your strength conditioning more efficiently. The keys to successful strength training are in choosing the right equipment and using it properly. For most individuals, purchasing a "selectorized home gym" is the safest and most practical way to strength train. Selectorized means that you select the weight you want, generally by inserting a pin into a set of weight plates on the equipment.Biomechanically designed to support good form and a full range of motion, the S3.45 provides dual resistance – resistance when your arms move outward and when your arms move inward – providing faster results.


  • Accessories Included: Ergonomic lat bar and ankle strap.
  • Biomechanics: Biomechanically correct design supports good form and a full range of motion – two key elements in reaching your strength-training goals.
  • Dual Resistance: Provides dual resistance for greater range of motion when arms move away from the body and inward while the arms are outstretched.
  • Versatile Design: Increase the number of reps and overall effectiveness of your workouts with our unique press design that lets you drive the arched path of motion.
  • Perform more than 30 types of lifts, rows, raises, curls, crunches, pull-downs, and presses
  • Three compact stations – pulling/preacher, pressing, and the leg extension.
  • Three individual weight stacks make it easy for multiple people to use it at the same time.
  • Upper Body Stations: Multi-purpose pulling station, pressing station
  • Pressing/Pulling Station: Increase upper body strength with lat pull-downs, seated rows, bicep curls and back extensions all without changing handles
  • Pressing Station: Increase upper-body strength in arms and shoulders with decline, incline, standard and shoulder press exercises using easy-to-adjust handle bar and set positions.
  • Lower Body Stations: Leg Extension, Leg Press (optional)
  • Leg Extension Station: Perform seated and prone leg extensions and curls to work quads, hamstrings, glutes and more. Ankle pads are self-adjusting.
  • Back and Core Stations: Preacher curl / Roman chair station for back and core exercises.
  • Frame: Electrostatic powder coated steel for durability and appearance.
  • Seat Adjustments: Ratchet and lock system properly positions seat backs and pads for a comfortable custom fit.
  • Instructional Charts: Integrated
  • Instructional Chart(s) Language: English
  • Color: Stone Gray with dark gray accents and Black upholstery
  • Transport Wheels: No
  • Upholstery: Vinyl over contoured foam for comfort.
  • Guide Rods: 1-inch (25.4 mm) diameter chromed steel free-floating guide rods with sound-absorbing rubber ends to eliminate metal-on-metal contact for quiet operation.
  • Pulleys and Cables: Nylon / fiberglass pulleys. 1/8-inch (3 mm) military spec cable with nylon sheath for minimal wear and more flexibility. Swiveling cable ends are tested to 2,000 lbs (909 kg) tensile strength.
  • Bearings: High-quality ABEC-rated ball bearings (Annular Bearing Engineers Committee).
  • Equipment Space Requirements: 117 w X 78 d x 83 h, 117 w X 92 d x 83 h with leg press inches / 298 w X 199 d x 211 h, 298 w X 234 d x 211 h with leg press cm
  • Machine Weight (base equipment): 1276 lbs (578 kg) including weight stacks, not including options

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