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The Cybex Smith Press is packed with features and exceptional movements, the Plate Loaded line merges superior technology with a passion for fitness. Cybex Plate Loaded and Free Weight lines are the definition of strength training – and equipment no club wants to be without.

The Cybex Smith Press has superior biomechanics in a space-efficient package. The Cybex Smith Press is the most space-efficient user-friendly plate loaded line in the industry. The Cybex Smith Press accommodates users of almost any size and its superior design meets the needs of advanced users, without intimidating others.

Cybex science and design in a plate loaded line.
Who said hard core has to be intimidating?
Built tough to keep looking new.

Cybex Smith Press Features:

  • Open, walk-though design for easy roll through access for benches.
  • Fifteen-pound take-off weight allows users of all levels the ability to exercise.
  • The 90° path of motion for adaptability to all exercises.
  • 18 bar and catch hooks adjust in four-inch increments.
  • Cybex Smith Press Specifications:
  • Product Number : 16121
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) : 54" x 84" x 84"
  • Machine Weight : 380 lbs. (173 kg)

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