Core1 Smith Machine - New

Core1 Smith Machine - New - Buy & Sell Fitness SALE
Core1 Smith Machine - New - Buy & Sell Fitness SALE


$2,495.00 $3,799.00

Core1 Smith Machine 

The Core1 Smith Machine offers you an excellent price on a quality smith machine for your commercial fitness center, home or garage gym. This Smith Machine features plate holders that make loading and unloading easy and create convenient storage space for your plates.

The Core1 Smith Machine features a counterbalance inside of the back legs for maximum smoothness in your lift.

The squatting and pressing range on the Core1 Smith Machine is made to fit people of all sizes. The adjustable safety catch can be adjusted for safety in any type of workout.

The angle of Smith Machines encourages proper squat form, preventing injury.

The space under the Smith Machine is convenient as you can walk-in and there is plenty of room for bench placement. The Promaxima HD Adjustable Bench is a great bench to purchase alongside the Core1 Smith Machine to offer you more upper body workout options.


  • Ample Plate Storage
  • Adjustable Starting Positions
  • Angle of Smith Machine enables user to have proper squat form
  • Adjustable safety stops
  • L*W*H (IN) : 57*87*86
  • Weight: 368 LBS

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