Nautilus Preacher Curl Bench

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Length: 43.5" Width: 34.5" Height: 39"
Weight: 100lbs

The Nautilus Preacher Curl Bench is a top of the line commercial preacher curl bench with brushed chrome-plated bar holders bolted to frame. The superior bench has a walk-in design (low step-over height) for easy accessibility, ratcheting seat adjustment for ease of use providing a solid feel.

Nautilus Preacher Curl Bench is a nice addition to any fitness or rehabilitation facility.
The seat and back profiles provide optimum support and pinch-free movement. Bench heights are 16" from the floor so a user's feet are flat on the floor and their back is fully supported (not arched).The Nautilus®️ Commercial Free Weight line uses 11-guage steel frame tubes to incorporate a new, softer curved profile for a strong, modern look. Pivot points use durable bronze brushings, along with a 3-point base design which results in a self-leveling bench.

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