Used Gym Equipment Palm Bay, FL

Used Gym Equipment Palm Bay, FL

Opening a Gym in the wonderful city of Palm Bay, FL? Or maybe interested in a single piece for your home, please consider Buy & Sell Fitness. Maybe you already established a gym and are looking to add a new piece, upgrade and existing piece or open up your own new Fitness Center, here at Buy & Sell Fitness, we have the Best Equipment to help you accomplish your Dream Gym in the Palm Bay area. We offer an excellent pricing and we have a large variety in exercise equipment. At Buy & Sell Fitness we have equipment that has been refurbished and we guarantee the pieces will be in excellent condition.

We can provide all the kinds of Used Gym Equipment that your customers want like full gym circuits, cardio equipment, treadmills, steppers, ellipticals, various types of bikes, strength equipment, functional trainers and a variety of free weights. We carry a large inventory of the Best Brands such as Cybex, Precor, Core1, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, etc.

What do we mean when e describe our machines as being “Refurbished”? We search far and wide for good used machines and bring them back to our facility. Once we have them, we take each piece completely apart and we replace each and every part that is no longer working. Then we put the piece back together. Finally we have one of our technicians test each and every machine to make sure they’re working in perfect condition. So, what that means is that you will receive a piece that looks and performs like brand new, while you’re saving more than 70%. We do have Great Prices!

We have a full staff of motivated professionals with years of experience to help people get their new gyms started, offering suggestions on layout, to even figuring out with equipment is right for them. Here at Buy & Sell Fitness, we’ve been helping clients just like you, expand their existing Gym and/or also to start their new Business in the Fitness Industry. We also create 3D Layouts, so you can have an idea of how awesome your gym or fitness center will look like with the pieces that you want. We understand that you have many options to choose from when it comes to the purchase of your Gym Equipment here in Palm Bay, FL, let Buy & Sell Fitness show you why we’re the Best choice!  Our fitness experts can help you put together a Gym that will keep your customers coming back while you’re receiving the best customer service. What can be better than being able to see your piece of equipment before it ships out? Well, we also make personalized videos for our customers, so they can see their equipment right before it ships out of our warehouse!

To find out more about Used Gym Equipment Palm Bay, FL, call us TODAY at our toll free number: (800)900-0526 or email us at We have motivated staff that will explain everything you need to know about your equipment and answer all your questions! We’ll make sure that you have an unforgettable experience in the purchase of your Fitness equipment.